10 Refreshing Ways to Enjoy Want More Energy?®

Isagenix canadaWant to build endurance and sustain energy without the caffeine or other harmful stimulants? Available in Orange and Citrus, Want More Energy? contains only natural ingredients, a few grams of natural sugar and just 35 calories per serving.

This refreshing drink powder also delivers a healthy dose of Vitamins A, C and B-complex, electrolytes and nutrients!

And, did you know you can use Want More Energy? a multitude of ways? We have a list of a few our favorite (and unexpected!) uses:

1. Fruity Energy Ice Cubes – Add your favorite Want More Energy? flavor to purified drinking water and freeze in an ice cube tray. It’s a refreshing addition to a glass of water on a warm day!
2. Protein With A Twist – Give your IsaPro®-infused drink an energetic blast of Want More Energy? flavor. Just add half a Stick and you’re ready to go.
3. Shake & Go! – Add Want More Energy? to your IsaLean® Shake for a delicious snap of flavor. Tastes just like a creamsicle from childhood.
4. Slushy Isa-Fruit Freeze – Toss Want More Energy? and ice into your IsaBlender® for a healthier alternative to the syrupy concoctions from the corner store.
5. Turbo-charged Lemonade – Add lemon, water and your favorite Want More Energy? flavor. Simple and energetic. Plus, lemon has extra healthy cleansing benefits, too!
6. Multi-Fruit Zinger – Add half servings of two Want More Energy? flavors in one glass, stir and savor.
7. A Hot Cup of Get-Up-&-Go — Add a dash of Want More Energy? to your favorite decaffeinated cup of tea.
8. Yogurt Sunburst – Add Want More Energy? and IsaPro whey protein to low-fat yogurt.
9. Extreme Dessert Fusion – Add your favorite fruits and crushed ice to a glass of Want More Energy?. Top with low-fat yogurt and chill.
10. Fruit Smoothie Super Booster – Mix Want More Energy?, IsaPro whey protein, fruit and ice in your IsaBlender. Then serve and swoon.

The perfect enhancement to your favorite drinks, snacks and desserts, Want More Energy? is a deliciously potent and surprisingly versatile addition to your Isagenix whole-body health and wellness program. Learn more about Want More Energy? at Want-More-Energy.com.