10 Ways to Mix Up Your IsaLean® Shake

Looking for a little variety on your Shake Days? Mix up your routine by adding one of the following to two scoops of your IsaLean® Shake and six-to-eight ounces of purified water.

Vanilla IsaLean® Shake:


1. 1 scoop IsaFruits® and2 tsp. Want More Energy?®

2. 1 scoop IsaFruits® and ¼ cup banana

3. ½ cup of your favorite fresh or frozen berries

4. 1 cup cooled green tea

5. 1 oz. Ionix® Supreme



Chocolate IsaLean® Shake:

1. 1 tbsp. organic peanut butter

2. 1 scoop Isagenix Greens!™



3. 2 tsp. peppermint extract

4. 3-4 organically grown mint leaves

5. ½ cup organic fresh or frozen cherries

You can find these recipes and more in “Eat to Live: Isagenix® Healthy Family Recipes Vol.1” by Andrea Frank Henkart and Kjersti Cote. To order, visit www.IsaSalesTools.com or www.IsaSalesTools.ca for Canadian Associates.