20 Tips to Carefree Isagenix Cleansing

Things to do...

1. Stay busy. Find activities to do outside of your home.

2. Enjoy a spa day with a sauna, steam room or even a massage.

3. Get your hair done with non-toxic products.

4. Write in a journal when intense emotions are being released.

5. Enjoy a hot bath with rose petals and relaxing scented oils.

6. Listen to your body. You may want to be very active on some Cleanse Days or lay low, restore, and renew yourself on others.

7. Avoid the grocery store. Do your shopping on non- Cleanse Days to avoid temptation.

8. Find a cleansing partner to help keep each other accountable and provide encouragement and support.

9. If you’re going to exercise, do so gently. Your body needs time to rest and rebuild. Try gentle stretching, short walks in the fresh air or yoga.

10. Do something during your cleanse that boosts your spirit, such as caring for a loved one or doing something kind for a stranger.

11. Not everyone is the same. Modify your cleansing schedule if needed. It’s important to give your body the nutrients it needs.

12. Understand what’s happening in your body. Cleanse for Life™ offers gentle cleansing botanicals (not laxatives) that encourage better digestion and absorption of nutrients as well as B vitamins such as niacin that help to produce a healthy metabolism, improve blood flow and eliminate impurities.

13. Don’t forget to take IsaFlush!®, Natural Accelerator™ and Ionix® Supreme. These support circulation and harmony of nutrients in the body.

14. Take C-Lyte® on pre-Cleanse Days and throughout the system. It helps to create an environment in the body that helps enhance the effects of cleansing.

Great Snack Ideas
15. Drink plenty of purified water to improve your skin, boost your immune system and mood as well as aid in weight loss. To determine the minimum amount of water you should drink daily, weigh yourself and divide your number in pounds by two. That’s how many ounces you should drink per day.

16. To get over a weight-loss plateau, try one scoop of IsaPro® with your IsaLean® Shake on Shake Days. It increases your protein intake and may help boost your metabolism.

17. Try new drinks during a cleanse including warm, spicy tea (caffeine free), low-sodium organic vegetable soup broth or fresh ginger boiled in purified water or peppermint tea.

18. Eat light snacks throughout the day to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

19. Great snack ideas include Isagenix Snacks!™, IsaDelight™, unsalted almonds or raw veggies like broccoli.

20. Try the new Isagenix Greens!™ mixed with 8 ounces of
cold water on a Cleanse Day.