3 Key Tools For Enrolling a New Member

Not sure how to help someone join Isagenix® or maybe find the best products to fit their needs? We’ve made it even easier for you!

With the creation of our new MyQualityEnrollment.com, the quick Health Assessment Questionnaire and our new “My Pak” Program, you can tailor-make you or your new enrollee’s custom pak that follows the recommendations shared in the questionnaire’s results and then follow the easy steps found in MyQualityEnrollment.com to get the best results and stay on track.

Here are even more details about these easy-to-use tools:

1.    New Quality Enrollment Plan. Found at MyQualityEnrollment.com or IsaFYI.com’s “Enroller Training” tab, this Website features key steps to take your new enrollee through to ensure their success and get them plugged in to the programs that have proven track records for success: Autoship, the IsaBody Challenge® and much more. Review it and share it today! Here’s a quick flyer about the Quality Enrollment Plan as well.

2.   New Health Assessment Questionnaire. Built into your Back Office and included as an initial step in MyQualityEnrollment.com is our new Health Assessment Questionnaire. This simple online tool takes you or your new through a series of questions to tailor-make a Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing product plan recommendation to fit your unique needs. Once the questionnaire is completed, the system generates a list of recommended products that will meet a minimum BV.

Additionally, the Health Assessment Questionnaire will likely recommend one of our Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing systems for an initial amount of time (example: the 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System) and then step your new enrollee or member into a maintenance or other nutritional track. You can e-mail or even print the results as a reference guide. Visit your Back Office “Home Page” and then select the “Health Assessment Questionnaire” button located in the top right column.
Take a look at this helpful Webinar to see how it works.

3.    New, Customizable Pak Option Called “My Pak.” Once you or your new enrollee goes through the Health Assessment Questionnaire, you’ll receive a recommendation of a series of products to fit your unique needs. Then, you have the option to create your own “My Pak.” This customized pak starts with our foundational Ageless Essentials™ Daily Pack for Men or for Women to ensure you’re receiving cutting-edge nutrition daily to target your needs while also providing special age-defying nutrients such as CoQ10 and omega-3 fatty acids. Then, add the rest of your recommended or favorite products until it adds up to 200 BV or more.

Want to save even more? Be sure to include your “My Pak” order on your Autoship! It equates to a 10% savings and that’s cash right back in your pocket. And while you’re at it, why not set up your Autoships for the next 12 months based on those recommendations? The Health Assessment Questionnaire and My Pak take the guesswork out so you’re always getting just what you need to hit and maintain your health goals.

See how it works with this Webinar.

Want a $25 Product Introduction Bonus (PIB)? Be sure to have your new enrollee join Isagenix with a custom “My Pak” with 200 BV or more and you’ll get the PIB! Here’s the flyer with more details.

Remember, it all starts with MyQualityEnrollment.com or IsaFYI.com’s “Enroller Training” tab to get started on your ideal pathway to greater health and wellness.