3 Ways to Save Money on Your Products

Coupons, product promotions and Loyalty Rewards, oh my!

When you stick with Isagenix® products and try new ones, we like to reward you with special savings!

1.    How to Find (& Redeem!) Coupons
Did you know that more than 1 million coupons have been issued to Associates? All of those money-saving coupons mean hot deals for you.

So, how do you find the coupons and how to you use them? Check out the details below.
•    Log in to your Back Office
•    Select the “My Orders” tab on the top left of your home page screen
•    In the dropdown menu, select “My Coupons”
•    View the coupons waiting for you and follow the instructions on how to redeem them! Quick tip: Make sure that your product ships prior to the expiration date listed.

2.    Monthly Product Promotions
We always have a number of money-saving deals available for you each month. Whether it’s a buy two, get 1 free deal, a new coupon to use for extra discounts or a special discount on a duo of complimentary products, we want you to try all of our healthy, Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing products!

3.   Loyalty Rewards Coupons
You could be earning Loyalty Rewards Coupons and not even know it! If you’re on Autoship and have ordered 130 BV or more for three consecutive months, then you’re already likely earning special Loyalty Rewards coupons for products, events and more! Learn more about Loyalty Rewards.

To check out this month’s “hot deals” and product promotions, visit IsaFYI.com’s “Promotions” section to access the flyer, or check your Back Office Home Page.