3 Ways to Turn Snacking From Foe to Friend

Admit it: you’ve been a little afraid to snack. Maybe you were concerned that your munching would lead to extra pounds, slow down your weight loss or simply add to an empty calorie intake that had zero nutritional benefit.

Well, it’s time to turn snacking from foe to friend with the help of Isagenix®.

Isagenix is a lifestyle and that means you need go-to snacks to grab between meals when your hunger nags at you. This isn’t about spoiling your appetite or even satisfying a sweet tooth craving (although we have a healthy alternative to do just that!). Add nutrition to your day the delicious way with our array of healthy treats to tide you over until lunch or dinner. Take a look and think about how you could incorporate these snacks into your daily schedule (some studies suggest that light snacking can keep you from bingeing at regular meals).

  • Canada FiberbarsGo Gluten-Free With New Chocolate Peanut Chew FiberSnacks!™. We all get a craving for a chocolate bar or cookie ever now and again. Satisfy the craving and add extra fiber to your daily routine (without the gluten!) with this 150-calorie bar that features 6 grams of fiber and a delicious ribbon of dark chocolate on a peanut butter-flavored crispy bar. With both presoluable and insoluable fiber, you’re giving your digestive tract what it needs to work at its utmost and the hunger-curbing whey protein included in the bar helps keep you feeling fuller, longer. Try incorporating one into your routine every few days, like around the 3 p.m. hunger window that makes you want to eat everything in sight or break the bar up into small pieces and enjoy a little nibble throughout the day on your Shake Day. (It’s kid-friendly, too!) Learn more at IsagenixFiberSnacks.com.
  • Get Heart-Healthy With SlimCakes®.  At less than 100 calories, this little cookie packs hefty hunger-curbing appeal with rolled whole oats, inulin and flaxseed along with an antioxidant duo of cranberries and blueberries to sweeten the deal. Plus, SlimCakes are sweetened with natural agave and are a low-glycemic treat. Isagenix slim Cakes in CanadaSkip the store-bought cookies and dive into a daily helping of this sweet, healthy treat instead.You can even share SlimCakes with your kids (if you want to!) or add a few small pieces to your Natural Creamy Vanilla IsaLean® Shake as a small indulgence. Learn more at IsagenixSlimCakes.com.
  • Kick Hunger to the Curb With Isagenix Snacks!™. Chromium is a powerful little ingredient that is shown to curb hunger in a big way. Add high-quality whey protein to the mix, and you have one hunger-fighting powerhouse. At a mere 25 calories per treat, each serving of creamy Isagenix Snacks! will take the edge off your craving and keep you satisfied until your next meal. Perfect for Shake Days or Cleanse Days, toss a few in a baggie and keep them in your purse, backpack or briefcase so you always have a healthy go-to when you’re on the go. Learn more at IsagenixSnacks.com.

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