30 Days. 90 Meals. A Healthier You.


How would you like to look and feel healthier in 30 days? You can with the 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System.

Boasting a bevy of heart-healthy and wallet-friendly benefits, the 30-Day System is flexible, easy to follow AND is perfect for helping you:

  • Lose weight: Starting a new lifestyle is rarely easy, but the 30-Day System makes it simple. By following the simple instructions, you can say “good-bye” to unhealthy eating habits and kick start your weight-loss efforts by first cleansing your body of impurities, and then feeding it the proper nutrients it needs to increase energy and reduce oxidative stress.


 Your go-to products: Cleanse for Life® and Ionix® Supreme 

  • Gain lean muscle: Aside from going to the gym, protein plays a key part in helping you trim down, tone up and get chiseled.

Our Myo-IsaLean Complex™ protein blend, found in our cornerstone IsaLean Shake, contains a higher whey-to-milk protein ration know to support muscle growth and maintenance, and a higher concentration of branch-chained amino acids to fuel muscle growth and create more lean muscle mass.



Your go-to product: IsaLean® Shake

  • Boost confidence: After just a few days on the 30-Day System you’ll start to notice a better sense of self. Continue forward with your life-changing transformation journey–it only gets better from here.

Your go-to product: the mirror

The best part? Adding the 30-Day System to your Autoship saves you big on your monthly grocery bill. Here’s the value-packed system of products you’ll get 90 meals from:

  • 1 Ionix® Supreme 
  • cleanse for life trio2 Cleanse for Life® 
  • 4 IsaLean® Shake canisters or 56 packets
  • 1 Isagenix Snacks!™ 
  • 1 Natural Accelerator™ 
  • 1 IsaFlush® 
  • 4 Want More Energy?® Sticks 
  • And more

Plus, if weight loss is not your only goal, add additional healthy aging or energy and performance solutions-based products to your Autoship that will not only help you reach your target goal, but also work in synergy with your system. Optional add-ons include targeted joint health, stress relief, mood enhancement, bone health, and heart healthy solutions, just to name a few. We especially recommend including the most complete  multivitamin pack on the market, Ageless Essentials™ with Product B™.