3 Quick Product Updates For You

IsaGuyOur Quality, Regulatory, Technology, Science (QRTS) Department just shared some great product news with us and wanted to pass along the message. Take a look at a few product updates coming down the pike:

•    Ageless Essentials™ Daily Packs IsaOmega Supreme®. Our Quality Assurance department is in the process of resolving a challenge with our IsaOmega Supreme soft gels sticking to the plastic film packaging while also ensuring that the quality of the product is not compromised. We expect this challenge to be resolved by early 2011 and for the meantime, please pass the information along to your team members that we’re diligently working on this. Additionally, there are no risks to health should a bit of plastic film remain stuck to a soft gel. The department assures us that it’s inert and harmless to the body.

•    Canada C-Lyte™ Serving Size Changed to 1 Capsule. Previously, the serving size of C-Lyte has been 2 capsules to meet Health Canada regulations for appropriate health claims. However, upon updated regulations, Isagenix has chosen to change the serving size of C-Lyte in Canada to 1 capsule, which is the same serving size as in the United States and elsewhere.

•   “Want More Energy?” Name Changed to “Energetix” in Canada. To meet Health Canada regulations on marketing of “energy drinks,” Isagenix has chosen to rename the product Want More Energy? to Energenix in the country. You’ll begin noticing this name change reflected on Canadian labels coming soon, but please note that this product is the same great formula we’ve always had and nothing else has changed about it.

Watch for more exciting product news to come at 2011 “The Time is Now” New Year Kick Off January 28-30, 2011 in Phoenix, Ariz. Take a look at the Website for more details.