4 Ways to Enjoy the New Cleanse for Life

Looking for new ways to enjoy Cleanse for Life®? Get ready for a whole new perspective on Cleanse Days!

Our revolutionary new Natural Rich Berry Cleanse for Life features an improved extraction technique, additional ingredients and a rich, berry flavor. Cleanse Days have never been this tasty!

Plus, we know that schedules change and sometimes grabbing a big bottle from the fridge or finding water to mix up your Cleanse for Life isn’t convenient. Thankfully, you now have a multitude of options to support your lifestyle change so you can stick with it and create a healthy, new cleansing routine.

Here are four options for your next Cleanse Day:

  1. The “Cleanse on a Plane” Option. Don’t let traveling get in the way of your Cleanse Day! Grab a 16-count box of our new 2-ounce servings of Cleanse for Life so you can cleanse on the go. At just 2 ounces each, just make sure they’re sealed and out in the open before you go through security and you’ll be free to cleanse!
  2. The “No Fridge Necessary” Option. Because Cleanse for Life includes botanicals, minerals and no preservatives, once a bottle of the liquid is opened, it’s important to refrigerate it. But, if you grab a baseball-sized canister of Cleanse for Life powder, you can keep it at your desk or wherever! Just be sure to have an IsaShaker™ bottle or another container for water so you can mix it up.
  3. The “No Water Needed” Option. Plan to cleanse at home or perhaps have a fridge at the office? Then grab the 16-ounce bottle of Cleanse for Life liquid and simply scribble your name on the bottle to place in your fridge. Plus, because of the height, the bottle fits perfectly on the top shelf and will be the first thing most people see when they open the door. Quite the “in” if you want to share Isagenix® with others, right?
  4. The “Share It With a Friend” Option. Admit it: you’ve always wanted that friend of yours to try a little bit of Cleanse for Life so they could experience how you feel. Now, thanks to the improved, rich berry flavor and convenient, 2-ounce containers, you’re free to share! Hand that friend a mini bottle and show them cleansing really can be tasty.

Remember, whether you prefer Natural Rich Berry Cleanse for Life as a powder, liquid or in the 2-ounce containers, all delivery methods work just the same. Same ingredients, just convenience done your way.

Visit Isagenix.com’s Cleanse for Life page  for more details and be sure to add a bottle, canister or box to your Autoship order today!