5 Perfect Gifts For the Athlete in Your Life

Isagenix giftsLooking for the perfect gift for the athlete or weekend warrior in your life? Look no further than healthy, energizing Isagenix® products!

Here are just five perfect gifts for the athlete in your life:

  1. Give them a canister of IsaPro® whey protein. With the highest-quality of undenatured New Zealand whey protein, just one serving contains 18 grams of hormone- and antibiotic-free whey protein. Great for recovery and building strong muscles, this product has received rave reviews from personal trainers, bodybuilders and professional athletes alike.
  2. Share an energizing holiday special. For a limited time and while supplies last, you can share eight Want More Energy?® Sticks, which contain our all-natural electrolyte mix with Vitamins A, B and C, plus an IsaShaker™ bottle (perfect for mixing up Want More Energy? or your protein shake on the go) and IsaWATER™ Alkalized Concentrate to alkalize your water. It’s only $18 with a 28% savings! Available in your Back Office “My Orders” section under “Hot Deals.”
  3. Boost holiday health with potent Vitamin C and bovine colostrum. No one likes being sidelined from their active lifestyle and Vitamin C and bovine colostrum are two great ingredients to give the athlete in your life a smarter immune system. Take advantage of our holiday special containing a bottle of IsaDermix® Ultra Hydrating Hand & Body Cream, C-Lyte® (contains the equivalent of more than five cups of orange juice!) and Isamune® Plus (ultra-concentrated bovine colostrum) and you’ll soothe their skin and their immune health in one money-saving gift! Available in your Back Office “My Orders” section under “Hot Deals.”
  4. Maintain healthy skin through the winter. Leading an active lifestyle usually means hitting the pavement and being outdoors. Be sure to help your athlete cover up with a hat and healthy sunscreen! Our holiday special that includes our new Isa SunGuard™, Want More Energy? and a FREE Isagenix-branded sun visor fits the bill! Check it out in  your Back Office “My Orders” section under “Hot Deals” while it lasts!
  5. Give the cardiovascular system what it needs for optimal performance. So often we can’t seem to get all of the vitamins and nutrients our body needs for peak performance. Give your cardiovascular system a daily boost with the Vitamin D3 (for your cardiovascular system and calcium absorption), Resveratrol (for cardiovascular health) and CoQ10 (for your cell and tissue health) found in Ageless Actives™. And, if you purchase Ageless Essentials™ Daily Pack for Men or for Women, you’ll get your daily doses of Ageless Actives, plus C-Lyte, IsaOmega Supreme®, and Essentials for Men™ or Women™.

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