5 Ways to a Better Night’s Sleep

Ever get that foggy, sluggish feeling when you first get up in the morning or when you hit that afternoon slump? That sluggish feeling could actually be adding pounds to your waistline and taking years off your life.

So, what’s the solution to a better night’s sleep and bidding ”good-bye” to that sluggish feeling? Seven to nine hours of quality sleep!

 Take a look at five ways to creating a better night’s sleep:

1. Set Your Sleep Routine. Yes, we know, easy for us to say. Between juggling your daily responsibilities and taking care of your family, you’re lucky if your head hits the pillow at all every night. Make an effort to get your body into a regular routine of relaxing around the same time each evening. Put on your pajamas, brush your teeth and relax by reading a good book for 15 minutes before climbing into bed. Routine is your best friend.

2. Consume Carefully. Consider what you consume: from the amount of water you drink daily (you should have half of your body weight in ounces daily) to the foods you eat. Are the foods you’re giving your body “life-giving” and meant to fuel your energy or do they just satisfy a craving? Keep your Isagenix products on hand and snack healthfully, making sure to take your Ageless Essentials™ with Product B™ daily along with your IsaLean® Shake.

3. Turn Off the Lights. Melatonin helps control sleep and wake cycles, being produced at high levels by the brain at night and dropping in the early morning hours. Lights from the TV, computer or other devices interfere with the release of melatonin, making it more difficult to fall asleep by increasing alertness and shifting circadian rhythms later. Be sure to turn off all light-emitting devices for at least an hour before bed to help your body wind down.

4. Exercise Early.  Schedule your run or exercise routine for first thing in the morning instead of in the evening. Vigorous exercise even three hours before bedtime can keep you awake since it stimulates some of your major organs including your heart. Another benefit to exercising early? Studies show that those who exercise in the morning stick with their routine better than those who wait until later in the day, promoting increased weight loss. Some research even shows that those who exercise in the morning sleep sounder at night.

5. Supplement Your Sleep. Sometimes you need a little support to help you get to sleep. That’s where the new Isagenix Sleep Support and Renewal™ comes in. Formulated by Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Michael Colgan and Isagenix Scientists, Sleep Support & Renewal is a melatonin-infused spray that, when taken daily, provides a more restful night’s sleep.

Sleep Support & Renewal also:

    • Reduces the time it takes to fall asleep
    • Improves quality of sleep
    • Increases total time of sleep in persons who suffer from sleep restriction or altered sleep 

Curious if it will work for you? Here’s what a few people said about their experience with the Isagenix Sleep Support & Renewal melatonin spray:

“I am one of those people who has had a hard time sleeping most nights I walk the floor, read emails, read a book and about the time my husband (who could sleep at the drop of a hat) gets up in the morning I would finally be able to sleep. If I did get any sleep then it would be intermittent for a few minutes at a time. Since starting the Isagenix Sleep Support & Renewal, one spray and I am out for the night. If I have to get up during the night for any reason I just roll over and go back to sleep.”  -Lyn M.

“I’ve had sleep issues for many years coupled with serious bouts of low energy and brain fog. Can’t remember the year that I just got up and went and then just went to sleep without the worry of if I would fall asleep.” -Andrea H., New York

“My recall of names and places has improved a lot since I started using The Isagenix Brain and Sleep Support System. I can’t imagine the results in a year from now.” -Denis L., Ontario

Don’t take your sleep for granted! Aim for a restful night tonight. Visit Isagenix.com and select “Our Products” and then “Targeted Solutions” to learn more and add the Isagenix Brain and Sleep Support System™ to your Autoship today for a holistic approach to your sleep health.

Want to dive deeper into the science of sleep? Read this article by Dr. Michael Colgan on IsagenixHealth.net.