5 Ways To Get To New Year’s Day Without Gaining the Extra 5 Pounds

Cookies, cakes and big buffets at holiday gatherings can challenge your healthy habits and then, put on the pounds. Maintaining your weight when tempted with high-calorie foods is a common holiday concern.

Here are five great tips for holiday fun with no regrets when you step on the scale.

1.    Don’t skip meals—especially breakfast—to save time. Your energy will soon sink, your hunger will skyrocket and then, you’ll make faulty food choices. Instead—have an IsaLean® Shake. It takes two minutes to make and you’ll enjoy a thick, rich and healthy meal replacement that satisfies hunger and kicks food cravings to the curb.  Low-calorie IsaLean Shakes contain top quality undenatured New Zealand whey protein, active enzymes, hunger-satisfying fiber, nourishing vitamins and a proprietary blend of minerals for optimal nutrition.

2.    Swap sinful snacks for smart snacks. If you’ve been “good” all day, but the mid-afternoon slump directs your willpower south, don’t reach for that “cheat” (those sugar-laden snacks). Here’s the seriously scrumptious solution: IsaDelight Plus™…a creamy dark chocolate that boosts energy, helps burn fat, improves mood and curbs cravings.

3.    Keep hydrated. By drinking at least eight glasses of water each day, you’ll decrease hunger and increase your health. Give your water a fresher taste and maximize hydration at the cellular level by adding IsaWATER™ Alkalized Concentrate.

4.   Be prepared. Put a few IsaLean® Bars into your purse, backpack or briefcase. They’re the perfect low-calorie, full meal replacement instead of that high-calorie fast food indulgence, when you’re on the go. IsaLean Bars are packed with premium protein, healthy fats and energy-boosting carbohydrates.

5.   Fit in fitness. Even if it’s for 20 minutes—take a brisk walk, do a few yoga poses, or tend to your garden. You’ll feel better, maintain your weight and diminish your stress this holiday season.