6 Ways to Buy Product B™

Ready for youthful aging at its finest?

While you’re replenishing your body with the key pillars of health, Cleanse for Life®, Ionix® Supreme, IsaLean® Shake and Ageless Essentials™ Daily Pack, make sure you give your body the complete picture by incorporating the ground-breaking new Product B.

Loaded with key antioxidants to support healthy telomeres, Product B goes beyond the surface symptoms and is essential so you can “live long and live healthy.”

So, how do you incorporate it AND save money? Here are our top ways to buy Product B (and how you can save the most!)*:

  1. Purchase the Ultimate Isagenix System. Our new Total Health & Longevity System™ with Product B truly has it all! With a complete 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System, Ageless Essentials™ Daily Pack with Product B and two, 2-day Cleanse Support Kits you’ll be primed and ready for optimal Nutritional Cleansing, Cellular Replenishing and Youthful Aging support!Imagine that: Your 30-Day System along with a 30-day supply of Product B and a support kit for two Cleanse Days along with BIG savings— you’ll pay just $69 for Product B! Talk about value!
  2. Try the Pillars of Health Maintenance System. Everything you need to maintain your waistline, youthful health and energy is in this system. Enjoy the basics of the Total Health & Wellness: 4 Pillars of Health Pak along with a box of Ageless Essentials Daily Pack with Product B and a 2-day Cleanse Support Kit. Again, you’ll enjoy Product B for just $69 with this incredible system.
  3. Save With All Systems & Paks. It’s true! Add a 120-count bottle of Product B to your order that includes a system or pak and you’ll get it for just $69; an $8 savings!
  4. Purchase Ageless Essentials Daily Pack with Product B. Not only will you get the best telomere-supporting nutrients on the planet, but you’ll also save big with the addition of Product B. In combination with Ageless Essentials, Product B’s cost drops down to exactly $69!
  5. Create Your Own “My Pak” with Product B. Want to order many different products that aren’t necessarily in one pak? Then “My Pak” is for you! Start with a box of Ageless Essentials with Product B on your Autoship and then add the rest of your products until you’ve reached 150 BV or more in your cart. You’ll enjoy a 10 percent discount, dropping the cost of Product B to just $69!
  6. Buy a 3-Count Case of Product B. Keep a three-month supply of Product B on hand so you have extra on hand for a friend or new prospect who wants to try it. Just $69 per bottle!

*Please note that for those in Canada who wish to purchase either system that includes Ageless Essentials with Product B or just Product B, we will have a special process to ensure that everyone receives their boxes for personal use only.


How to Purchase Product B™ in Canada


Isagenix® is committed to complying with Health Canada regulations such as the forthcoming UPLAR. For those in Canada who wish to purchase Product B as a single bottle or as part of a product system, you will need to contact Customer Care at 1-877-877-8111 to order it for personal use only.

Interested in a new system that recently launched?

1. Simply log in to your Back Office

2. Place your wholesale order for the desired system that features Product B

3. Contact Customer Care within 24 hours of ordering by calling 1-877-877-8111