6 Ways to Commit & Get Fit in 2010

Still surrounded by holiday goodies and have tempting treats aplenty hiding in your house? It’s the new year so it’s time to commit and get fit!

While you’re thinking about this brand new year, why not consider your waistline and your wallet? We’ve got six ways you can get back on track with your health and bring in some extra income in 2010.

1. Clean out the kitchen. Even though your friends and family gave you those cookies or purchased that box of chocolate for you, make a commitment to yourself and your health—toss them! It’s time to start fresh and get rid of old habits and bring in new, healthy ones.

2. Get support & join the Challenge. Find a friend or a family member and get a little healthy competition going. Encourage them to join the 2010 IsaBody Challenge® with you. You’ll get healthy and have a shot of earning your share of $150,000. Plus, if you’re one of the top 10 people who help the most Associates complete the Challenge and lose 20 pounds, you could win big at Celebration in 2010 as part of our IsaBody Showdown!

3. Discover fun exercise activities. Bored with running? Try yoga. Tired of aerobics? Try a dance class. Follow the old adage of “variety is the spice of life” and make exercise fun again. Use your gym membership and check out new classes or rent a few exercise DVDs to mix things up, burn extra calories and just have fun!

4. Commit to eight weeks of change. It takes about seven weeks to create a habit, so why not purchase two 30-Day Systems? Committing to two 30-Day Systems will help you get rid of bad habits and solidify good ones in the new year.

5. Schedule your Cleanse Days now. Don’t procrastinate—set your Cleanse Day appointments now. Grab that new 2010 calendar you received during the holidays and schedule your Cleanse Days ahead of time.

6. Reevaluate your bottom line. Did you double your income last year? Why not resolve to make extra money this year with your Isagenix business! All you have to do is share how Isagenix has transformed your health and your waistline, help others do the same and you’ll be on your way to earning extra cash.