A Great Mid-Day Snack Option to Keep You Going

Hungry and looking for a fulfilling mid-day snack option?

Instead of selecting a bag of potato chips and a cookie with your next lunch order, trade in your two-timing snacks for a guilt-free Honey Almond Crisp FiberSnacks!™, which makes your taste buds and your waistline happy.

Boasting six grams of high-quality, hunger-curbing undenatured whey and milk protein from New Zealand, these peanut-free FiberSnacks!™ provide a sweet and salty alternative to other empty calorie snacks.

At only 150 calories, Honey Almond Crisp FiberSnacks!™ promote muscle growth and maintenance while also aiding in proper digestion by including both soluble and insoluble fiber in each delicious snack bar.

Also available in Peanut Chocolate Chew FiberSnacks!, these protein-rich, gluten-free snacks are small enough to fit in a lunch box, purse or brief case for convenient, on-the-go travel options.

Here’s why Honey Almond Crisp FiberSnacks! are a great healthy snack option:

Sweet and salty: Sweet honey and crunchy almonds  

Natural: Made with all-natural ingredients

Appetizing: The perfect combination of sweet and salty goodness

Calorie-conscious: 150 calories per FiberSnacks! bar and zero trans fat

Kid-Approved: Easy to carry and delicious in taste (plus, peanut free means they’re lunchbox friendly, too!)