An Extra “Plus” to Help You Feel Well & Live Well

Hear that? The sniffles are coming, but you have one more solution to keep you out of bed and out doing the things you love!

Isamune® Plus is your go-to formula to nourish your immune system with one of nature’s best support materials: ultra-concentrated bovine colostrum. This vanilla-flavored formula contains exclusively-sourced colostrum from Grade A USDA-certified dairy cows not exposed to artificial hormones (rBGH/BST). That means a smarter, more targeted defense for you to give you the highest level of immune-building antibodies that you need.

And, if you live in Canada, we have a special deal for you! For a limited time, order two bottles of Isamune Plus and you’ll get the third FREE. Keep one for yourself and share the other two with friends and family to give them the boost they need as temperatures drop.

Looking for other deals? Here’s our flyer with more ways you can maintain, not gain, and save on Isagenix this November.