Refreshing Updates to the Isagenix Back Office

Fall 2011Refreshing updates are coming to your Back Office “My Orders” section starting August 31.

To line up with the organization of our newest, Fall 2011 Product Catalog, you’ll notice as of August 31 that we’ve streamlined our products and systems into more intuitive categories within your “My Orders” section.

Soon, you’ll find the following lineup for the U.S. Wholesale Categories (same for Canada except it does not include the Product B™ category):

Catalog List

If you select the “Lifestyle Systems & Paks,” you will find our key paks and systems with the popular 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System and 30-Day System with Ageless Essentials Daily Pack located under “Weight-Management Systems”:

New Isagenix Canada Choices

Plus, if you’re ready to add a few canisters of IsaLean® Shake and Cleanse for Life®, IsaDelight Plus™ or other cleansing products, simply select the “Whole-Body Cleansing” tab.

This new categorization in your “My Orders” section will make it even easier for your newest Associate to find a product or system after you walk them through the Fall 2011 Product Catalog, which is also currently shipping in all North America orders.

These exciting updates will be live in your Back Office starting Wednesday, August 31. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Customer Care at 1-877-877-8111 or