Summer Wind Down vs. Back to Healthy Routines

Get healthyI always have mixed feelings about the end of summer. Between extra drinks, ice cream, bbq’s, lack of fitness on weekends most of us tend to weigh more in August than we did in June. Have you had a hard time sticking to healthy habits during the summer time? As much as I hate to admit it summer is quickly winding down and while I'll miss many summer delights, flexible schedules and weekends at the cottage I am looking forward to getting back to a routine.

For us here in Ontario the kids start back to school in just over a week and like many I'll take the opportunity to renew my personal goals. Along with consistent meal times and bed times I'll be leading a new "learn to run" group and kicking off a 30 day cleanse program on September 6th. I'm willing to bet that many of you will also be taking this opportunity to reset goals and improve your health focus. If this is true for you I encourage you to include a 30 day nutritional cleanse program in your September regime.

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