Product B Has Arrived in Canada

It’s here!

As of Wednesday, October 12, Product B™ (120-count bottle) is now available for sale and resale in Canada. You no longer need to call us to order AND that extra shipping cost has disappeared since you no longer have to ship Product B from the U.S.!

Another reason to say “hooray?” There’s no limit to the number of bottles you can purchase!

And, how about paying the low price of just $69 per bottle for this scientific breakthrough?

Check out how you can save by placing your order the best way:

1.  Purchase a 3-bottle case of Product B. ($24 savings!)

2. Purchase as part of any of the following:

  • Ageless Essentials™ Daily Pack with a bottle of Product B
  • Total Health and Longevity System™ with Product B
  • Pillars of Health Maintenance System™ with Product B
  • Create your own “My Pak” with Product B
  • President’s Pak
  • Business-Builder Pak
  • Add a 120-count bottle of Product B to any order that includes a system or pak and you’ll get it for just $69

Note: Until we have received our PLA submission approval, all orders specifying Ageless Essentials™ with Product B will be shipped a box of Ageless Essentials Daily Pack (for Men or Women) and a separate bottle of Product B.

Visit your Back Office “My Orders” section to add Product B or one of our value-packed systems to your Autoship today!