Can I Take Isagenix if I’m Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

By Isagenix Nutritional Sciences

Pregnancy is a delicate time for both mother and child. As you know, there’s a lot going on in your growing belly and staying well nourished is critical for normal fetal development and maternal health.


A dietary plan during pregnancy should best suit individual needs. For this reason, Isagenix recommends an expectant mother review diet and any products with her doctor closely. A quality, physician-prescribed prenatal supplement can also help fill in nutritional gaps.

For general dietary and supplement advice during pregnancy, see USDA MyPyramid Plan for Moms.

An expectant mother may take advantage of Isagenix food products—such as IsaLean Shakes, Bars, SlimCakes—however, she should do so only with prior approval from her personal doctor or nutritionist. Because the calorie and nutrient needs in pregnant women increase, the shakes and other products should not be considered meal replacements during pregnancy, nor should they be considered as replacements for physician-prescribed supplements.

Isagenix products (including Essentials for Women) should not replace physician-prescribed prenatal supplements. In addition, Cleanse for Life, Natural Accelerator and Ionix Supreme should be avoided because a few of the herbal adaptogens in these products have not yet been studied well in pregnant women.


After pregnancy, mothers can benefit from using Isagenix products for losing weight. However, mothers who breastfeed their babies should avoid “deep cleansing” with Cleanse for Life—a regular intake of calories is necessary to ensure a healthy production of milk. Ionix Supreme and Natural Accelerator may also need to be avoided as it may change the flavor of mother’s milk.

While breastfeeding, we encourage you continue following your doctor’s advice on supplements including recommendations for a purified fish oil omega-3 supplement, which is important for child brain development.

To help you lose weight safely after pregnancy and while breastfeeding, you may also consider taking advantage of IsaLean Shake and Bar meal replacements, eating regular amounts of fiber with SlimCakes and FiberPro, and sticking to a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.