Can Forgiveness Help You Avoid the Holiday Bulge?

Yup—It’s the First of 3 Easy Steps

Beware when you approach that big buffet of calorie-rich fixins’ at the holiday party—and certainly sip wisely because that one cup of eggnog packs a whopping 343 calories and 22 grams of fat. (Yikes!) Foods at holiday festivities often pose challenges if you aim to maintain your weight or have made weight-loss goals. We all love the holiday spirit and Santa, but do we really want to be shaped like ol’ Chris Cringle by New Year’s Day?

Here are 3 great tips to help you stay on track, while enjoying the holidays:

1.    Forgive yourself when you slip: It happens to the best of us aiming for a healthy and fit lifestyle…you try resisting temptation, but have too many of those sparkly sugar cookies sitting pretty in the holiday tin. After the indulgence, the most important thing is to forgive yourself for slipping, get back on track and resume your healthy regimen. It’s not “all over,” but it’s important to give your body a way to regularly cleanse and replenish. By committing to at least one Isagenix® Shake Day each week, you’ll maintain your weight this holiday season while maximizing nutrition.

2.    Be strategic at the holiday buffet table by limiting portion size and choosing the healthiest options. Pick wisely and put salads, vegetables, and lean protein on your plate. Have a healthy snack or light meal before arriving, so you’re not overly hungry and more apt to make poor food choices (like a whopping dollop of candied sweet potatoes). If you’re going to have an alcoholic beverage, sip a glass of wine (100 calories) rather than a calorie-laden cup of hot buttered rum (400 calories).

Isalean Bars3.    Plan ahead when traveling for the holidays. Pack healthy snacks in your carry-on for those daunting “arrive two hours before your flight” days. IsaLean® Bars are the perfect, nutritionally complete, protein-packed meal replacement to tuck into your purse, briefcase or backpack. Remember that your Isagenix products can go where you go including IsaLean® Shake (and portable IsaBlender™), Ionix® Supreme (powder), Cleanse for Life® (powder), and Ageless Essentials™ Daily Packs with all of your Isagenix nutritional supplements. If in-between-meal hunger hits you, have a healthy snack such as an apple, a few almonds or IsaDelight Plus™. This seriously scrumptious chocolate treat has saved the day for many who experience that mid-afternoon slump. IsaDelight Plus boosts energy, curbs cravings and leaves you feeling satisfied for hours. Really.

Here’s to happy holidays without the holiday bulge!
P.S.  Do Santa a favor, leave him a note on the mantel about Isagenix with a plate of SlimCakes® instead of those cookies.