C-Lyte™ Bottles to be Updated January 27 in Canada

New, updated bottles of C-Lyte are on the way for Canada!

To align with guidelines shared in the U.S., C-Lyte bottles have been updated with details regarding recommended dosage and also ingredients. Previously, the serving size of C-Lyte was two capsules to meet Health Canada regulations appropriate for health claims. However, upon updated regulations, we have updated the serving size of C-Lyte to one capsule in Canada, which is the same as the serving size in the U.S. The new bottles should roll out in Canada on January 27 and will contain 30 capsules instead of 60.

Here’s a little more about C-Lyte: Energizing C-Lyte fortifies your immune system with all-natural Isa-C Complex™, with three forms of vitamin C as mineral ascorbates to be easy on the stomach. It contains 520 mg of Vitamin C, which is comparable to drinking more than five glasses of orange juice!