Easy, Two-Day Cleanse Convenience at Your Fingertips

Isagenix Cleanse for LifeYou know the feeling. Your 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System arrives and there are bottles gallore. Maybe you toss your IsaFlush®, Isagenix Snacks!™ and Natural Accelerator™ into those little sandwich baggies to prepare for your Cleanse Day, but what if we made it even easier? Get ready for a simplified way to take your two-day cleanse on the road with you, minus the plastic baggies.

Included with our new Total Health & Longevity System™ with Product B™ and Pillars of Maintenance System™ with Product B, you’ll not only receive our cornerstone, 30-Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System and a box of Ageless Essentials™ Daily Pack with Product B, but you’ll also receive one or two convenient 2-Day Cleanse Support Kits containing all of the key supplements you need for two days of cleansing!

These 2-Day Cleanse Support Kit* feature 4 Natural Accelerator capsules, 4 IsaFlush capsules and 12 Isagenix Snacks! wafers to fuel your metabolism and satiate you during your two days of cleansing.

The best part? It’s just the length of a No. 2 pencil and fits in almost any bag you can imagine (except maybe those plastic baggies!). Pair these stellar 2-Day Cleanse Support Kits with your powder Natural Rich Berry Cleanse for Life®, Ionix® Supreme and packets of Ageless Essentials and you’re ready to cleanse everywhere without the bulk!

Here’s the quick flyer that comes with the Total Health & Longevity System with Product B and the Pillars of Health Maintentance System with Product B. Try one of these two new systems today!

*Please note that 2-Day Cleanse Support Kits are not sold separately and are only included in the Total Health & Longevity System with Product B and the Pillars of Health Maintenance System with Product B.