Declare Your Freedom Day

It’s time to declare your Freedom Day!

Free yourself from your mortgage, your car payment, that extra debt that’s accumulated and experience freedom to do what you want with your time and money.

With the Isagenix® Freedom of Choice program, we’ll be right there to celebrate with you. All you have to do to get started is visit your Back Office “My Team” section and select “Freedom of Choice.”

Here’s how it works:

1.First, set your GOAL.

2. Make a short video and tell us…

  • Your story.
  • Why you long for freedom.
  • How your Isagenix income can help you achieve your goal.*

3. After you’ve created your video, open a free YouTube account at and upload your video to create your video link. We encourage you to add  your video as a “video response” at under the “Freedom of Choice” videos.

4. Complete your online entry form found online in your Back Office Library’s “Business Training” section (scroll down to the “Training” section) or in your Back Office “My Team” section’s “My Team Main Page” section under “Freedom of Choice.”

  • Tell us what you’re declaring freedom from and why
  • Include the link to your YouTube video.
  • Submit your entry form to

To learn more about this exciting program, check out this flyer.

Don’t wait until the New Year to start your resolution of freedom. Start today!

*You must show that at least 50% of the money that helped you achieve your goal was earned from your Isagenix business.