Enjoy Creamy Dark Chocolate Minus the Guilt

Imagine this: You hit the 3 o’clock lull. You’re dragging and craving all the things in a vending machine that you know you should be avoiding.

And then you remember. You’ve got a box of healthy, creamy dark chocolate tucked away in your desk drawer (or perhaps your purse or bag; you get the picture).

Victory is yours!

The new IsaDelight Plus™ will not only satisfy your cravings, but it will give you an energizing boost of antioxidants including green tea’s powerful naturally-occurring EGCG. You’ll be firing up your fat burning potential and savoring the decadent flavor of European-grade, 70% non-alkalized cocoa (that means all the good stuff is still in the chocolate).

At only 50 calories a piece, your tasty choice won’t send your calorie count into a tailspin and it’ll even help you during a Cleanse Day! Chocolate never tasted so good.

Have you stocked up on the Happy Chocolates that Satisfy® today? Grab a box of IsaDelight Plus for home and at the office. Your cravings (and your waistline!) will thank you.

Learn more about IsaDelight Plus at IsaDelightPlus.com and visit your Back Office “My Orders” section’s “Cleanse” tab to order yours today.