Exciting News for Canadian Customers & Associates

A new Distribution Centre for Toronto will be established by December 31, 2007, to serve Canadian Associates and Customers in the Central and East Coast regions with a more reliable and efficient delivery service. This new facility will be in addition to our current Calgary distribution site.


AND NEW BRUNSWICK Isagenix Associates may now begin to develop retail and Preferred Customers in the provinces of Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Effective September 1, 2007, the “Buy Now” button will be available on the sites of Associates who reside in the provinces of Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.


When will the corporate and replicated Web sites be available in French?

The corporate and replicated sites are available in French now.

Is the Associate Back Office available in French?

Yes, you can select your preferred language under the first section in the “My Profile” tab and select French as your preferred language.

What materials are available in French?

The list below gives you the materials currently available and the dates for a number of upcoming materials as well as the materials we have scheduled for translation and production.

Status Report:



Quebec Materials

The following will be available by the end of September (check your Web site frequently for updates):

Training Guides

Guide to Network Marketing

Kathy Coover’s Chapter in The Ultimate

New Associate Interview

Numbers to Remember

10 Steps to Success

Compensation Plan Slideshow

Product Training

Meeting Disclaimer

How to Safely Talk about Cleansing

IsaDermix flyer

Medical Study

Skin Care Demonstration

BMI Chart

Business Training

Personal Health Analysis

ACH Forms

Compliance Evaluation Request Form

Compliance Form – Event Host

Compliance Form – Giving a Testimonial

eCount Card FAQs

Preferred Customer FAQs

Return and Refunds Policy

Associate Application

Associate Renewal Form

Associate Autoship Application

Global team Comp Plan Glossary

Memory Jogger

Retail Order Form – Canada, NS, NB, Que

Team Comp Plan Details

Team Comp Plan Glossary

Wholesale Order Form

Letter of Intent Re-entry

Preferred Customer Application

Additional Tools available by end of October




When will the new products announced at Celebration be available in Canada?

Healthy Greens Currently available in Canada Wholesale: $29.95 BV: 25

IsaKids Available sometime in Sept. Wholesale: $14.95 BV: 12

IsaDermix Hand & Body Hydrating Cream Currently available in Canada Wholesale: $19.95 BV: 16

Reformulated IsaCalcium Currently available in Canada Wholesale: $19.95 BV: 15

SlimCakes – Improved Formula Currently available in Canada Wholesale: $24.00 BV: 20


Success from Home magazine (10-pack) Currently available in Canada Wholesale: $35.00

When will product labels be bilingual?

Bilingual product labels will go into production at the end of September and products with bilingual labels will be

shipping by the end of the year.

Product Labels 10/1 into production, year end in Distribution



What is IsaWallet?

IsaWallet (www.isawallet.com) is an easy and secure online wallet dedicated to Isagenix and its Associates.

IsaWallet allows you to instantly receive commission payments from Isagenix and efficiently transfer funds into your

bank account.

What are the benefits of IsaWallet?

A secure and convenient way to receive commission payments.

Immediate access to commission payments. No check clearing required.

Lower transaction fees from banks.

Transfers funds to any bank in the United States or Canada.

E-mail notifications of commission payments received.

Easily send funds to another Isagenix Associate.

Review payment history and download into an Excel spreadsheet.

How do I activate my IsaWallet account?

1. Isagenix registers Associates with a wallet on

unique e-mail account for security purposes).

2. You receive an e-mail notification requesting that you activate your new IsaWallet account.

3. Select the activation link in the e-mail and complete the activation process.

4. Login to your IsaWallet account.

https://www.isawallet.com (Note: IsaWallet does require a

How does the payment process work and transfer funds to my bank account?

1. Isagenix sends payment to your IsaWallet account.

2. You receive an e-mail notification of the payment details.

3. Login to your IsaWallet account to view the payment.

4. Request to "Remove Funds" to your bank account.

5. Your payment arrives in your bank account within 1-2 business days

Where can I find the option to select IsaWallet as my method of payment in my Associate Back Office?

1. Login to your Associate Back Office.

2. Click on “My Profile” on the top right side of the tool bar.

3. Go to the section “Placement and Compensation” and click “Edit” above “Preferred Placement” and Method

of Compensation Payout.”

4. Select the Method of Compensation Payout from the drop down box that appears at the bottom of the

window that opens.

5. Click “Save.”

Will paper cheques be available as a form of payment for receiving commission payments?

No, paper cheques are no longer available as an option.

Is there any other option for receiving commissions?

Yes, Associates can elect to have an eCount card.

If I am currently receiving commissions by paper cheques, by what date will I have to make my selection of either

IsaWallet or eCount?

You will have to make a decision by September 15

th, 2007.

What happens after that date?

Commissions will be held pending Associate setup of account. As a courtesy, Customer Service will make calls to

Associates and offer the option of either IsaWallet or eCount. The default will be IsaWallet.



Name of material: Status:

Web site - Associate Back Office Currently available in Canada

French Cleansing Works Brochures (40-pack) Currently available in Canada Wholesale: $10

French Athlete’s Brochures (40-pack) Currently available in Canada Wholesale: $10

Retail Site – NS, NB, Que 9/1

Trilingual IsaWallet Flyer 9/1

Bilingual Sales Receipts – NS, NB, Que 9/1

Bilingual (French/English) CRR Brochure 9/14

Ionix Booklet 9/14

Bilingual (French/English) Product Catalogue 9/28

Bilingual Systems Guide 9/28

Bilingual 123 Guide’s (THW, 9 Day, 30 Day, IsaKids) 9/21

When will Training Guides and other materials be available in French in the Associate Back Office Library?

New Canadian Distribution Site