Exclusive News from Isagenix®

We’re not slowing down around here! We’re in the midst of planning and executing yet another exciting event this January, New Year Kick Off, and launching new products and promotions that will blow you away. Stay laser focused and keep driving to events and sharing our “hot deals” and business incentives within your teams.

Exclusive News

  • New IsaDelight Plus™ Available October 13. It’s almost here! We’re excited to announce the addition of our new, power-packed, creamy dark chocolate IsaDelight Plus on Wednesday, October 13.

    Attendees at Isagenix University in Phoenix this weekend will get a sneak peek and the first opportunity to purchase our exciting IsaDelight Plus, which features free radical-fighting green tea. As you know, research has shown across the board that green tea provides additional health benefits including the ability to increase fat metabolism, even better free radical protection thanks to the antioxidant boost from EGCG and greater support for heart and cardiovascular health. And you won’t believe the incredible, creamy taste of this European-grade, all-natural dark chocolate.

    These delicious chocolates were formulated by Scientific Advisory Board Member Dr. Paul Anderson and his research team and they did an amazing job.

    Please note that there will be a number of updates regarding IsaDelight and IsaDelight Plus starting October 13:

    • We’ve lowered the price on IsaDelight and here’s how it will work starting Wednesday, October 13:
      • 1 box (30-count): $35, 26 BV
      • 4 boxes (120 count): $133, 100 BV
      • Case of 6 boxes (180-count): $200, 144 BV (Wholesale)
      • Case of 6 boxes (180-count): $189, 144 BV (Autoship Rewards Pricing)
    • Any Autoship order containing a single 30-count box of IsaDelight will be automatically converted to the new IsaDelight Plus starting October 13. That means that there will be no impact on BV or price when the new IsaDelight Plus launches.
    • All paks that contain IsaDelight including the Kosher Product Pak, Healthy Lifestyle Pak, Pacesetter Pak, Cleansing and Fat Burning Business Pak and Cleansing and Fat Burning President’s Pak, will now come with the new IsaDelight Plus instead. This is because we want those with our paks to get the first taste of this exciting product!

    We will be sending out an e-mail early next week to alert any Autoship members that will be impacted by this update to let them know about the swap.

  • New Isagenix Day Planner Promotion. We’re putting together the perfect Isagenix Day Planner to fit all your needs in 2011 and provide you with insider information before anyone else, including upcoming events for the year, follow-up reminders, 30-day action plans and much more. To earn this special planner, all you have to do is participate in our Isagenix day planner promotion during the months of October, November and December and you’ll get the special planner in January 2011. Here’s how it works:
    • Enroll four new Associates in October, November and December
    • Rank advance at least one personally-enrolled team member to Consultant all three months
    • Or, mix and match the two requirements. Enroll four new Associates one month, help your team member advance in rank the other two months and you’re on your way to earning this planner.

    Here’s the flyer with all the details—share it with your team right away!

  • Pacesetter Daily Bonus Extended For Everyone. Our Pacesetter Daily Bonus promotion continues to produce off-the-charts success and is contributing significantly to our explosive growth. With that in mind, we’ve decided to extend this promotion to all Associates, not just IsaDerby II participants and new enrollees, until it comes to a close on January 22, 2011. Please note that the Double Your PIB promotion is still only available to new enrollees who joined Isagenix after September 1 and IsaDerby II participants. Remember, just like all of our promotions, both are subject to change or discontinuation.

    We look forward to seeing even more incredible results in the coming months and can’t wait for you to reap the rewards of our Pacesetter Daily Bonus promotion and Pacesetter Pak! Take a look at the updated flyer and share it with your teams.

  • 6&7 Club Qualifications. As anyone who attended our first 6&7 Club this past May in Phoenix, Ariz. would attest, this was more than just a leadership meeting or a “retreat;” it was an exclusive opportunity to hear news about Isagenix and connect with the Isagenix Executive Team. We’re pulling out all the stops on our next 6&7 Club that will be held in April in San Diego, Calif. and it’s going to be even better than our first event.

    To make it to the exclusive event, here are a few things you need to keep in mind in order to qualify:

    • You must be a Paid-as 2-Star Golden Circle Executive at least once between June 2010 and March 2011.
    • You must have participated in the 2-Star or Above Executive Leadership Pool for a minimum of five months in order to qualify, OR (if you enrolled after January 1, 2010) earned $10,000 or more in bonus money in a single month in those pools.

    Here’s the flyer with the event dates and details along with qualifications and the special “perks” we’re giving to those who go the extra mile for the 6&7 Club.

  • One Month Until First Loyalty Rewards Coupon. We just sent out a few more reminder e-mails to let our Associates know if they’ve qualified for our new Loyalty Rewards Program by committing to Autoship and ordering at least 130 BV in product every month. Take a look at the flyer and be sure to encourage your team members to check their Back Office “My Orders” section’s “My Coupons” tab frequently to see if they have a coupon.
  • Summer Shipping Coming to Close October 20. Starting October 20, you will no longer have to order a minimum amount of our heat-sensitive products (IsaDelight® and IsaLean® Bars) in order to fill the special shipping box, and we’ll be waiving the summer shipping fee. You still may receive your product in one of our special boxes for a limited time until our inventory runs out, but you will not be charged anything for it. Additionally, Alaska and other special shipping postal codes will be able to order these heat-sensitive products again. Be sure to try our new flavors of IsaLean Bars and the new IsaDelight Plus!
  • 4- and 5-Piece Sample Packs Available in Pairs Starting October 20. After summer shipping comes to a close, our 4- and 5-Piece Sample Packs will be available again to purchase in sets of two. Remember, sharing these Sample Packs is a great way to introduce your new members and prospects to some of our most popular products, what we call our “sticky products” because they help your members “stick around” longer, increasing retention in your teams. Visit your Back Office “My Orders” section’s “Replenishing Paks” tab to purchase yours on Wednesday, October 20.
  • Hurry and Help Your Team Members Advance to 1-Star Golden Circle. Time is running out to help your team members advance to Paid-as 1-Star Golden Circle and take full advantage of our special 1-Star Golden Circle Executive Leadership Pool. Remember, not only is this the easiest pool to participate in (you don’t have to worry about 4PET!), but all existing Associates will have a maximum of three months to participate, and newly-enrolled Associates will have a maximum of three months following the month of their enrollment. With this pool ending in January, if they want all of the rewards, you need to get them in the door and moving as soon as possible!

    Not only will this mean more bonuses in your team members’ pockets, but it also means stronger leaders in your teams. Keep pouring into your team members and help them reach this important rank. You don’t want them to miss out on this special, limited-time pool. Share the details of the 1-Star Pool and help your teams stay laser focused!


Product News

  • October “Hot Deals” & Promotions. There are at least nine ways to help your new enrollees and team members save on our products while trying something new this October, so be sure to share all of the “hot deals” that are available to them this month. Here’s the October promotions flyer.
  • New Seasonal Deals Launched. Last week, we added two more seasonal deals to our 2010 Holiday Catalog including special Ageless Renewal Serum™ and IsaDermix® Gentle Cleansing Gel combo with a complimentary cosmetic bag, and a winter wellness package that includes a bottle of Ultra Hydrating Hand & Body Cream™, C-Lyte® and Isamune® Plus. All of our seasonal specials provide a great opportunity for you to share the gift of Isagenix with your friends, family and prospects and also help your new team members try a variety of products at a discounted cost. Take advantage of them while you can—promotional supplies are limited and these specials are only good while we have the inventory.

    Watch for the 2010 Holiday Catalog to begin arriving in your product orders soon!

  • Want More Energy?® Sticks Price to Decrease By $3. Starting October 13, we will be reducing the price of our Want More Energy? Sticks by $3, but BV will not be impacted. The Athlete’s Pak containing the Sticks will decrease by $3 as well for both wholesale and Autoship orders.
  • Canisters Original Chocolate IsaLean® Shake Temporarily Out of Stock. Please note that our Original Chocolate IsaLean Shake (14-count canister) is temporarily out of stock for U.S. wholesale and retail orders. Autoship orders containing the shake flavor as well as orders in Canada will continue as usual and the Original Chocolate IsaLean Shake will be available again for wholesale and retail orders in the U.S. Monday, October 11. Until then, please encourage your team members to try our enhanced Natural Creamy Chocolate IsaLean Shake.
  • New Discounted Products to be Offered With 30-Day System. We want to make sure that everyone has a chance to try our products and find their favorite so starting October 20, you’ll be able to add some of our most-loved Isagenix products to your 30-Day System order at a discounted cost (save between $1 to $4). This function is already available with our Replenishing Paks and we believe this will encourage your team members to try something new with their 30-Day System or enjoy extra savings on some of their favorite products.
  • Reminder on All Promotions. Recently, we had to discontinue our “hot deal” on buy two or four bottles of IsaDermix Intensive Microderm with Natural Sea Mineral Crystals™ and get 25 percent off due to our limited promotional supplies. Please note that all of our product promotions have a limited supply and could be discontinued at any point should we hit that limit. We want to ensure that we do not disrupt Autoships and other wholesale orders and set aside a special amount of product for these deals. We encourage all Associates to place their order for the “hot deal” that they want as soon as they see it and have it ship shortly thereafter in order to take advantage of the deal before supply runs out.
  • Special Isa SunGuard™ Promotion on Autoship Available. On October 1, we sent out an e-mail notifying Autoship members who meet a certain criteria that they’re now eligible for 50% off a bottle of our new Isa SunGuard simply because they met our special order requirements. This e-mail coupon promotion is designed to encourage a higher BV among our Associates who are regularly placing lower orders. More than 80,000 coupons have been sent out to-date to Associates, which means extra savings. Encourage your team members to visit their Back Office “My Orders” section and select “My Coupons” to see if they have a special coupon.


Sales & Marketing Tools

  • New Welcome Kit Shipping Later This Month. We’ll be sending out our new Welcome Kits in new enrollee orders soon and not only does the new kit include an updated DVD, but every page has received a facelift with even better content. Plus, the new kit will be available for sale on IsaSalesTools.com in early November.

    While you’re flipping through it, if you notice the Website IsagenixBusiness.com mentioned in a few pages, don’t worry—it’s not an error. This is a new, exciting resource that we’ll be sharing at New Year Kick Off and for the time being, if you try to visit that Website, it will redirect you to IsaMovie.com instead. Just wait until you get to hear more about this exciting Website at New Year Kick Off this January. You’re going to love it.


Recognition News

  • IsaDerby II Recognition Posted Weekly. IsaDerby II is off to an explosive start and we are so excited to see the incredible numbers that many teams are already posting. Remember, we update the race standings on IsaDerby.com after each completed week, so be sure to go there or visit your Back Office “My Teams” section to take a look at the current leader board.
  • Exclusive Year-Round Crystal Challenge. We don't want anyone to hold off on reaching for the prestigious rank of Crystal Executive so we’d like to extend a special offer to our leaders and their team members. If you or your team member wants to start the Crystal Challenge prior to January, simply e-mail Recognition@IsagenixCorp.com and share that you want to participate in the Crystal Challenge early. Include your name, Associate ID number, your Crystal Challenge start date and when you plan to complete your Crystal Challenge.
  • August Recognition Available on IsaFYI.com. It’s so incredible to see all of the rank advancements and extra checks that members of our Associate family are receiving right now! Take a look at our recent Millionaires in Action, Executive Leadership Pool winners and more in the “Recognition” section of IsaFYI.com. We’ll be posting our September recognition soon and will let you know when it’s available.


Events News

  • Check Out NewYearKickOff.com. Starting tomorrow, Friday, October 8, visit NewYearKickOff.com to get the latest on our upcoming event. If you think 2010 Celebration was exciting, just wait until you come to Phoenix for New Year Kick Off January 28-30, 2011! Grab your tickets while you still can by going to your Back Office “Events” section and selecting “New Year Kick Off.”
  • Go Beyond Courage This November. Many in our Isagenix family have experienced tremendous growth at our annual Beyond Courage event in Santa Barbara, Calif., including our 2010 IsaBody Challenge® Grand Prize Winner Holly DeMott. Join David Wood November 17-21 and prepare to go deeper with your personal growth at this incredible event. Also, beginning this year, this event will be hosted every other year, so don’t miss out. You can register for Beyond Courage in your Back Office “Events” section, or e-mail Events@IsagenixCorp.com to set up a payment plan.

Make this month your best one to date and finish 2010 off strong! We’re in the home stretch and can’t wait to recognize you at 2011 “The Time is Now” New Year Kick Off this January.

To Your Success,

Kathy Coover

Isagenix Co-Founder and Executive Vice President