FiberSnacks! The Sweet Snacking Solution

There is nothing worse than distracting hunger pangs. At home, you stare at a packed pantry and grab what’s convenient. At work, you head for the nearest vending machine only to select a sugary substitute.

But, what if you could enjoy the perfect combination of chocolaty-peanut goodness that’s nutritious and leaves you feeling full? Get ready for FiberSnacks!™.

Layered with a crispy, peanut layer and drizzled with rich dark chocolate, the 150-calorie gluten-free Peanut Chocolate Chew FiberSnacks! tastes just like a peanut butter cup and can be incorporated into Shake Days with any Isagenix® health-and-wellness system.

With 60 percent of Americans not meeting their daily recommended fiber intake, each snack provides one-quarter of your daily suggested amount. Just one serving contains six grams of high-quality whey and milk protein, too—the same amount of protein as one egg— to satiate your hunger. Plus, both soluble and insoluble fiber aid in proper digestion and help you feel fuller, longer.

Want to hear what others are saying about this scrumptious treat? Here’s the latest buzz:

The new “candy bar” replacement! – Maria L.

It’s so yummy it seems bad for you. – Adrianne M.

It tastes too sinfully good to be good for you! Love them! – Connie N.

A very familiar taste from my childhood. So yummy without the guilt. – Tonya B.

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