What Does Financial Freedom Mean to You?

What would you do with an extra $100 a month?



Imagine how you would feel kissing all of those credit cards good-bye, saving even more for your kids’ college education or bolstering that nest egg you need for retirement.

Isagenix® is committed to freeing people physically and financially, so if you’re ready to pursue total freedom, this is your chance.

Our Freedom of Choice Program was created to inspire you, motivate you and to celebrate you. As you earn extra money with Isagenix and get out of debt or accomplish your savings goals, let us know.

Once you hit your financial freedom goals using the money you’ve earned with your Isagenix business, we’ll recognize you on stage at Celebration, give you a personal invitation to our exclusive Founders’ Gala at the event and fly the Isagenix Executive Team out to your city for a huge party with you and your team to celebrate your accomplishments.

Simply go to ChooseTotalFreedom.com to learn more about our Freedom of Choice Program, check out the rules and find out how you can sign up today.