IsaDelight Plus™ Milk Chocolate Now Included In New Enrollee Introductory Offer

New enrollee introductory offer now includes IsaDelight Plus™ Milk Chocolate!

Now, when you enroll as an new Associate on Autoship and order a 30-Day Cleaning and Fat Burning System, Total Health & Longevity System™ with Product B™ or the Pillars of Health Maintenance System™ with Product B™, you will receive a 16-count box of IsaDelight Plus Milk Chocolate instead of Dark Chocolate for just $3 more (a $23 value).

Please note that the U.S. will immediately begin receiving the 16-count box with Milk Chocolate instead of Dark Chocolate and Canada will soon follow, upon run out, in about three weeks.

Featuring the same great mood-boosting benefits and fat-burning potential as Dark Chocolate, IsaDelight Plus Milk Chocolate is sourced from 100-percent organic, single-bean chocolate with a hint of organic milk from grass-fed cows. Plus, it makes Cleanse Days  “Easy ‘n Fun!”

In addition, new Associates will also be eligible to receive a FREE 5-Piece Sample Pak featuring our most popular products if they check their IsaMail and follow the special instructions.