Give Your Special Someone Healthy Chocolate This Valentine’s Day

Looking to get your sweetheart or that special someone something sweet this Valentine’s Day? IsaDelight Plus™ is a surefire hit that will please both the taste buds and the brain.

Whether your loved one prefers milk chocolate or dark chocolate, IsaDelight Plus offers both flavors in healthy, heart-etched squares made from the best chocolate available with healthy benefits you won’t find in store-bought Valentine’s Day chocolates.

Sourced from 100-percent organic, single-bean chocolate with a hint of organic milk from grass-fed cows, IsaDelight Plus Milk Chocolate includes the same mood-boosting and fat-burning ingredients as our popular IsaDelight Plus Dark Chocolate.

Both IsaDelight Plus Milk and Dark Chocolate feature a unique blend of vitamins, minerals and brain-boosting amino acids to help curb hunger and boost energy. Plus, each 50-calorie, sensible square is infused with green tea extract to provide extra antioxidants while firing up your fat burning potential.

In addition, to make your loved ones’ Cleanse Days “Easy ‘n Fun,” encourage them to enjoy one to two IsaDelight Plus Milk Chocolate or IsaDelight Plus Dark Chocolates twice daily on an empty stomach or two to three hours after meals for maximum brain-boosting benefits. And, don’t stop there! Share IsaDelight Plus with your mother, sister, friends and neighbors; pass them out to everyone to enjoy anytime!

Hurry! Time is running out for Valentine’s Day! Add a box (or two…or three…) of IsaDelight Plus chocolates to your Autoship or next order right away.

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