Update to Health Canada Regulations

Isagenix CanadaAs you may be aware, Health Canada adopted the Unprocessed Product License Application Regulations (UPLAR) back in August. These regulations seek to ensure product and ingredient safety compliance in Canada and required that all products entering the country receive verification numbers (Exemption Number (EN) and Natural Product Number (NPN)) issued by Health Canada.

Recently, Health Canada scaled back initial plans to roll out these regulations and UPLAR has been postponed indefinitely. However, Isagenix® is committed to making sure that when these regulations resurface, we will be ready to fully comply. Our Product Development and Quality Assurance Team has been working diligently with Health Canada and our regulatory compliance group to ensure our products meet all standards both for the products, ingredients and labeling as required.

Our goals remain:

  • To continue to provide the safe and efficacious products you have come to expect from Isagenix.
  • To ensure we comply with existing and future regulations as they are finalized.

Here are just a few of the things that Isagenix is doing right now:

Isagenix Canada has already received required EN numbers for 21 of the 31 total products we import to Canada including many with HPN numbers issued. We fully expect to have the remaining EN numbers issued by June.

  • New Look on Labels. You will begin to notice that the fact panels, ingredient listings, warnings/cautions that appear on all Canadian products will begin to be updated to comply with the upcoming enforcement of Health Canada’s UPLAR. Please note that this will not impact the quality or efficacy of our no-compromise products.

As always, we are committed to providing our Associates with the highest quality of no-compromise products while also complying with federal and national health regulations. Should you have any questions about Health Canada Regulations,