Healthy Chocolate Bliss For Your Sweetheart

Share the gift of healthy chocolate with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day!

Unlike the grocery store variety, IsaDelight Plus™ includes an energizing blend of green tea extract, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to promote the healthy, feel-good chemicals in your brain. Plus, you’ll enjoy more energy and fire up your fat burning potential even more with this tasty, power-packed creamy dark chocolate.

Here’s just a little more about IsaDelight Plus from its formulator Dr. Paul Anderson:

  • Benefits: Boosted mood, increased fat burning potential, increased alertness, easier appetite control, great on Cleanse Days!
  • Best Use: Savor one IsaDelight Plus dark chocolate 30 minutes to an hour before your workout on an empty stomach, or take two hours after eating protein to maximize effectiveness and absorption. Try one, see how you feel after 10 minutes and if you need another, try a second.
  • Extra Features: It’s gluten-free and Kosher so it fits a variety of lifestyles
  • Little Known Fact: Just two rich and delicious treats contain the antioxidant capacity of one cup of green tea, with an ORAC value of over 5,700.

To learn more about IsaDelight Plus and its benefits, listen to this special Product Training Program available on featuring IsaDelight Plus Formulator Dr. Paul Anderson. Listen now.

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