Survival Tips For Healthy Holiday Feasting

Temptation and overeating are a hallmark for this time of the year.  Whether you are gathering with family for the holidays or catching up with friends over the long weekend, the next few months will consist of get-togethers centered around food.

To beat the battle of the bulge this holiday, incorporate a few of your go-to Isagenix® staples before grabbing for that second helping of turkey or decadent dessert. You’ll thank yourself later.

Here are a few healthy tips to keep you on track:

Stick to the plan: Start and end each day with a workout, even if it’s a small one. A quick 30-minute run or visit to the gym will reinstate your “why” factor, especially around the holidays and food. And, the added movement will keep your fat-burning potential revved up to burn off the extra calories.

Don’t overeat: Whether you prefer Natural Creamy Chocolate or Natural Creamy Vanilla, incorporating a 240-calorie shake into your day will help stave off unwanted calories. The 23 grams of New Zealand undenatured whey protein will fuel your muscles, help you stay hydrated and curb your hunger longer than your leftovers ever could.

Snack smart: Remember to snack healthy. Delicious Peanut Chocolate Chew FiberSnacks!™ have 24 percent of your daily recommended amount of fiber and full of prebiotic and probiotic fibers to promote healthy digestion. Another benefit to fiber? It’ll fill you up so you don’t go back for seconds.

Reward yourself: Skip the chocolate cake and reach for a decadent, creamy, power-packed dark chocolate: IsaDelight Plus™. Each rich bite-sized morsel has enough antioxidants as one cup of blueberries to help fend off harmful free radicals. Amino acids, vitamins and green tea extract also help to boost energy, curb cravings, protect your heart health and satisfy your chocolate craving.

Start the week new:  Make Monday your Cleanse Day. One scoop of Natural Rich Berry Cleanse for Life® powder will realign your body after overindulging through the weekend. Plus, it will also support your immune and digestive systems and boost your mental and physical performance so you can get back on track.

Want to stay on track during the holidays and vie for some incredible cash prizes? Join the 2012 IsaBody Challenge for extra incentive, accountability and a solid pathway to success! Visit your Back Office “My Team” section to register and for more details and support tools.