Isagenix® Now on iTunes

With the addition of several new conference call programs, we decided to also take our calls to the next level and provide them as podcasts on iTunes. To take advantage of these three free call programs, simply go to the iTunes Store in your iTunes application, search for “Isagenix,” and then subscribe and download the calls to your iTunes Media Library. From there, sync them with your iPod, iPodTouch or iPad and you’re ready to go.

Our Next Entrepreneurs program, featuring advice for our Gen XY Associates and those who are interested in pursuing this demographic, is available along with our Isagenix Leader Mentor Program (for business builders) and IsaBody Challenge Mentor Program (for our Challenge participants who would like advice from past winners). We believe that by offering these podcasts on the world’s largest music store, we will open Isagenix up to an even larger audience of those who are interested in pursuing healthier lifestyles or an extra stream of income.

Be sure to share this exciting opportunity with everyone you know and tell them that Isagenix is now on iTunes!