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•    Add one of your favorite Replenishing Paks to your Autoship and you’ll already save 10% over what you’d pay for each individually wholesale.

•    Purchase the Ageless Essentials Daily Pack with your favorite Replenishing Pak and you’ll save $31 over what you’d pay if you purchased each of the supplements individually. (And you get $100-worth of product at a fraction of the cost!)

So what could you be saving? Here’s an example:
Buy the Women’s Health Pak on Autoship = Save $22*
Buy the Women’s Health Pak with Daily Pak on Autoship = Save $54*+

What could you do with an extra $32 in your pocket? Plus, all of your daily supplements are ready for you in convenient A.M. & P.M. packs so you can toss them in your purse or briefcase while you’re on the go.

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*Save 10% by purchasing the pak on Autoship versus purchasing each product individually at wholesale.

+Save over purchasing each of the supplements individually on wholesale.