Less Than 2 Weeks Until U.S. Summer Cooler Program Begins

Isagenix Canada Green ShippingTime is ticking to order your favorite, heat-sensitive Isagenix® products before the warmer temperatures hit and our U.S. Summer Cooler Program begins.

To make sure our delicious, heat-sensitive products such as Chocolate Cream Crisp and Chocolate Peanut Crunch IsaLean® Bars, and IsaDelight® and IsaDelight Plus™ make it to your doorstep in perfect condition during the warmer months, our U.S. Summer Cooler Program will launch May 2  and continue through October 28, 2011. Order one or more of the qualifying products and they’ll ship for $6 per two units* in a special, eco-friendly cooler box to keep temps stable.

How the U.S. Summer Cooler Program Will Work:

1.  Place Your Order For One or More of the Following:

  • IsaDelight
  • IsaDelight Plus
  • Chocolate Cream Crisp IsaLean Bars
  • Chocolate Peanut Crunch IsaLean Bars
  • 5-Piece Sample Paks
  • Athlete’s Pak
  • Shake & Cleanse Pak with IsaDelight Plus
  • Kosher Products Pak
  • Healthy Lifestyle Pak

2.    Check Out Your Shipping. You’ll notice a call out in your shipping description during checkout that displays the special shipping cost of your heat-sensitive products. It will equate to $6 per every two units ordered (i.e. Two boxes of the applicable IsaLean Bars; a box of IsaLean Bars and a box of IsaDelight Plus, etc.)

3.    Try a Few New IsaLean Bar Flavors. Don’t want to pay for the summer cooler? Stock up on your favorites now and try our Lemon Passion Crunch or Chocolate Decadence IsaLean Bars through the summer (not included in Summer Cooler Program).

Visit IsaFYI.com’s “Product” section for updates and more info!