Know a Personal Trainer or Fitness Professional?

Introduce them to Isagenix® with new Fitness Professionals Program

Fitness professionals are in the business of transforming lives and so are we! Give them the best nutritional products with Isagenix® and share with them how they can get involved while creating an extra stream of income.

Here are a few things you can do to share Isagenix with the fitness professionals in your life:
1)    Purchase a few copies of the Isagenix Fitness Professionals Program USB & Folder from and review the content included.

2)    Take the program with you when you hit the gym or stop by on another day and ask to speak with your personal trainer or the gym’s manager.

3)  Begin using the marketing materials supplied in the kit at your gym or studio.

4)    Tune in to the monthly Fitness Professionals & Athlete’s Program held on the first Monday of every month to find out how you can reach out to the fitness professionals and athletes in  your life. Visit your Back Office Library’s “Call Schedule & Archive” section for the call information.

The new Fitness Professionals Program’s USB includes numerous helpful resources including printable flyers for distribution, banners they can display, audio recordings full of tips and testimonials by some of the best athletes in the business as well as guidelines and talking points for sharing Isagenix.

Make sure to get Isagenix in the hands of the fitness professionals you know and purchase several copies of the Fitness Professionals Program on