Isagenix is Transforming Joint Health

Joint healthThe Rejuvity™ Joint and Pain Relief System is transforming the joint health of countless pain sufferers across North America and their feedback is incredible!

Jim R. writes “I’ve had back pain for probably about 10 years and I have tried virtually everything. I’ve tried physical therapy, a tens machine, back raises, ointments, surgery, chiropractic. Surgery helped a little bit, but after about a year, it went back to the pre-surgery state.

I’ve used the Rejuvity Joint and Pain Relief System for about two weeks now and I’ve noticed an improvement. I started riding my stationary bike again and started with 10 minutes and also walk on the treadmill for 10. Now, in the last 2 weeks, I’m up to riding my stationary bike for 30 minutes. The Rejuvity Joint and Pain Relief System has really allowed me to start to exercise again and I’m pretty much pain free when I’m doing those thing. I couldn’t have said that 8 years ago.”

And, Bud E. shares:

“My mom, who has pretty painful arthritis and sore muscles has been using the Ageless Pain Relief™ Cream for about a week and absolutely loves it. She noticed better relief the first time she used it over the other creams she has used in the past. While it does have some odor, it is nowhere near as intrusive as other creams on the market. You also use a very small amount, so the tube should last a while.”

He continues “I’ve been taking the Ageless Joint Support™ tablets and have also noticed improvement. The X-rays on my foot over the last few months have shown some small arthritis there, and that’s actually where I was experiencing most of the pain, not where the actual break was. The pain is pretty much gone since I started taking the new product.”

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