Isagenix Cleanse for Life powder™

The same amazing benefits of the liquid formula, now in a convenient and tasty powder!

Now you can take your Cleanse for Life on the go! This convenient powder helps your body naturally cleanse itself of harmful impurities on a cellular level while nourishing it with 27 vital nutrients, antioxidants, natural plants, teas, vitamins and ionic minerals — giving you the energy and immune support needed to live each day to the fullest. *

Cleanse for Life powder provides the same nutritional benefits as the Cleanse for Life liquid while giving you the ability to take it with you anywhere. It truly is your perfect companion on the road to good health.

Why use delicious Cleanse For Life Natural Fruit Favor Powder?

* Portable and no refrigeration needed to complement your busy lifestyle.
* Preservative-free
* Has a smaller environmental footprint with less plastic packaging and less shipping weight
* When mixed with water, contents are equal to a 32 oz bottle of Cleanse for Life liquid

How can Cleanse for Life Powder change your life?

* Boosts energy and endurance*
* Encourages safe and effective weight-loss*
* Increases resistance to stress*
* Strengthens mental and physical performance*
* Enhances immune system*
* Improves digestive and heart health*
* Natural with no stimulants, laxatives or diuretics
* Great for every-day cleansing and regular deep cleansing

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What makes Cleanse for Life unique?
Most products claim only to cleanse the colon or liver and do not provide key nutrients. Cleanse for Life is different, it contains an exclusive combination of ionic minerals,
botanicals, and vitamins that cleanse the entire body on a cellular level, while supporting improved health. Cleanse for Life actually nourishes the body as it cleanses.

What are the differences between Cleanse for Life - Liquid and Cleanse for Life - Powder?
The original Cleanse for Life Liquid and the Cleanse for Life Powder both provide the same nutritional cleansing benefits at the same potency level, with only slight variations in active ingredients. The main differences in the two formulations are the forms. Both are perfect for different lifestyles. The original Cleanse for Life Liquid is already blended, so there is no
mixing needed. You simply store it in the refrigerator and pour out what you need when you need it. Alternatively, the Cleanse for Life Powder is portable; you can take
the powder with you and mix it with water whenever you want. Plus, as a powder, it is preservative-free and has a smaller environmental footprint since it uses less plastic
packaging and has less shipping weight.

How is the Cleanse for Life Powder created?
Isagenix® utilizes a proprietary process where the high-quality ingredients found in Cleanse for Life are percolated using reverse osmosis purified water to strain out the inactive components. Once concentrated enough, the mixture is freeze dried to create the powder. At each step in the process, testing occurs to confirm quality and the level of actives included. This provides a precise blend of concentrated actives, that are equal in potency to the liquid formula.

Do I need both everyday cleansing and deep cleansing?
Nutritional Cleansing is most effective when Cleanse for Life is used as both a daily and deep cleanse. Everyday cleansing aids in the body’s natural removal of impurities you are exposed to on a daily basis. Deep cleansing aids in the removal of contaminants that have collected deep within the body tissues over time. Deep cleansing has the ancillary benefit of promoting weight loss.

How often should I use Cleanse for Life?
For everyday cleansing, use 1 scoop up to twice daily. For deep cleansing, use 2 scoops up to four times daily, as part of the Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning System. For best results, mix with room temperature water. A regular cleansing regime can help improve and maintain your overall health and vitality.

How can I benefit from drinking Cleanse for Life?
• Increases energy and endurance*
• Helps to lose excess weight*
• Increases resistance to oxidative stress*
• Improves mental and physical performance*
• Strengthens the immune system*
• Supports cardiovascular, respiratory and circulatory health*
• Aids digestive health*

How long will mixed Cleanse for Life Powder last?
As Cleanse for Life Powder contains no preservatives, you should not mix more than you intend to use in a one day period. Also, remember to shake up or re-stir at each use.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Isagenix programs and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.