Isagenix® Director of Nutritional Sciences Highlighted in So. Cal News

IsaGuyThe Orange County Register newspaperrecently quoted Isagenix® Director of Nutritional Sciences Dr. Susie Rockway as a source for an article about the current health epidemic surrounding Vitamin D insufficiency.

Dr. Rockway is quoted in the 250,000-circulation paper as saying “‘there isn’t a Ph.D. alive’ who thinks the current recommended intake of Vitamin D is sufficient.”

The Orange County Register’s article states that researchers believe Vitamin D insufficiency, which can lead to weakened bones, bone pain and even osteoporosis, “can be fixed with supplements” and that new research suggests that Vitamin D’s potential benefits go far beyond simply speeding up calcium absorption. Vitamin D is most readily accessed by spending a few minutes in the sun each day, but many people still do not receive sufficient levels. Vitamin D can help boost energy levels, prevent heart disease, inflammatory immune disorders, diabetes, some types of cancers, and much more.

Many Isagenix products already include Vitamin D, such as IsaLean® Shakes,IsaCalcium® andEssentials for Women™ and Essentials for Men™ multivitamins. The Institute of Medicine will likely increase the Vitamin D recommendations based on recent ground-breaking research.

Read the Orange County Register’s article featuring Dr. Susie Rockway.

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