Isagenix First To Use Green Foam Packaging


Isagenix also became the first direct-selling company to use this new shipping technology in the industry.

Isagenix began using this new packaging May 1 and will continue until the Arizona weather cools down. During this time, more than 250,000 Isagenix Associates and Preferred Customers will receive their heat-sensitive orders, with products like IsaDelight us en isadelight.dhtml>chocolates and IsaLean Bars us en isaleanbars.dhtml>, in a special box featuring post-consumer recycled content and eco-friendly, biodegradable insulation foam made from USA corn. In addition, Isagenix Associates and Preferred Customers will also have multiple options to reuse or recycle the insulation, including adding it to a compost pile.

“We want to be environmental stewards in addition to impacting world health and freeing people from physical and financial pain,” says Chet Seely, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Isagenix. “By using Green Cell Foam, we’re able to keep our heat-sensitive products from melting and safeguard our carbon footprint.”

A great example of American “green” technology, Green Cell Foam provides unparalleled convenience when it’s time for disposal. Isagenix consumers can choose to:

  • Compost it in their backyard – the Green Cell Foam, which is ASTM D-6400 certified, completely biodegrades in 60 days or less
  • Dissolve it in the sink – Green Cell Foam rapidly breaks down for easy disposal, providing no problems for waste treatment plants and septic systems
  • Start the fireplace or barbecue with it – Green Cell Foam burns cleanly, with very little smoke or ash and no flying embers, producing CO2 and water as a result of combustion

Made by KTM Industries, Green Cell Foam is a biobased, biodegradable material used in protective packaging applications as a replacement for fossil-fuel based materials such as polystyrene, polyethylene and polyurethane. “There is not a more convenient or practical insulation foam material available,” says Tim Colonnese, president and chief executive officer of KTM Industries. “Coupled with oil prices above $80 per barrel, we need to find alternatives to preserve what reserves remain.”

About Isagenix
Isagenix®, the World Leader in Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing™, develops and manufactures systems to assist in weight management, long-term wellness and skincare. Isagenix products are distributed through an independent network of Associates in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. The company’s vision is to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain. Isagenix, established in 2002, is a privately owned company with headquarters in Chandler, Ariz. and a member of the Direct Selling Association. For more information, visit