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Congratulations to all Consultants who have promoted in Nov 2010!

Fung Yin Chun, Kitty, 張曉蓉, 玉邊叫, 馬新祥, Xue JiaLin, CHEN SENG, MUN KIT KATY, 杨旭東, 施勤, Chen Tai Ho, 李海鋒, Fung Hing Cheong

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Isagenix® not only has the most lucrative compensation plan in all of the network marketing industry—we’re adding to it! Here’s a quick snapshot of earning (and keeping!) extra cash:

 IsaBody Challenge now extends to the end of 2010! IsaBody Challenge now extends to the end of 2010!

IsaBody Challenge now extends to the end of 2010!
Are you ready to transform yourself? Participate in our famous IsaBody Challenge today! Challenge is running from 1st September to 26th December 2010 and the champion would be crown with a trophy and the most exciting - $5,000 cash reward!
For more information, please refer to the details or contact our customer services department at 2779 0222!
Challenge details.

Highway to Earn Extra Income (Sept to Dec)Highway to Earn Extra Income (Sept to Dec)

Highway to Earn Extra Income (Sept to Dec)

It's high time you embark a fruitful business! We have in store for you several incentives, including NEI (New Enrollment Incentive), SNEI (Special New Enrollment Incentive) , Consultant Counseling Bonus, IsaBody Challenge Contest Incentive and Circle Incentive Award.
Start now and earn extra bonus weekly!

Incentive Details. (中文) 60天計劃獎金一覽詳情.

300 BV Starter Pak300 BV Starter Pak

300 BV Starter Pak!

The NEW 300 BV Starter Pak is perfect for those who want to start up the Isagenix business!

The new Pak waives enrollment fee (HK $195), maintains 60 days activation period and offers 17% extra discount from wholesale price!
300BV Starter Pak Details.

Enjoy 6 Golden Privileges with the purchase of the Gold Program! Enjoy 6 Golden Privileges with the purchase of the Gold Program!

Enjoy 6 Golden Privileges:

✔ Free 12 Mths Membership Fee (Worth $195)
✔ Free 12 Mths Intl. Sponsorship Fee (Worth $380)
✔ Maintain 12 Months Activation Period
✔ Additional Discount Up to 14% from Wholesale Price
✔ 60 Days Paid As Star Consultant
✔ Free Delivery (Hong Kong Only)
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Latest News Articles

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Susan Sly Exclusive Seminar & Banquet!

SUSAN SLY  Exclusive Seminar & Banquet, were successfully completed on Nov. 27!
The seminar started with lively atmosphere, everyone was looking forward to meet the millionaire – Susan Sly!
Dinner was the highlight of the day! Everyone enjoying the food and wine, and associates grab the opportunity for more communication with Susan Sly!

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Autumn Team Building – IsaTeam Go!Go!Go!

IsaTeam Go!Go!Go! was ended cheerfully on 18th September with over 40 associates together with their relatives and friends came along.

The event featured with introduction of upcoming new product – IsaWATER! There were tasting booths of IsaWATER for guests and presentation of its details. Also, we offered special packages, which comes with limited edition of IsaWATER!

The event started with announcement of IsaBody Challenge winners of Jul to Sep 2010! Winners were awarded with cash prize $12,250 in total and a crystal trophy. Family and friends were warmly applauded for the winners to show their support and encouragement. Once again, congratulation to all the winners!

We were honored to share the excitement of US Celebrations by Business Development Manager, Mr. Barry Lam brought us back to the Celebrations with photos and video captures. Followed with presentation delivered by registered nutritionist Mr. Samson Chim’s which entitled as “Knowledge you should know about drinking water”. Additionally, we’re proudly present the advantages of IsaWATER by Mr. Sam Yen, the General Manager of Isagenix Taiwan with several experiments.

Then, IsaTeam Go! Go! Go! Competition started, all teams were trying their best to get the final victory. Finally, the Executive Fansy Lo won the competition, and the winning team were awarded: First prize 30 Day Pak and USC souvenirs; second prize – 9 Days Pak and USC souvenirs; Third Prize – Shake & Cleanse Pak and the USC souvenirs. Afterward the excitement from the competition, we’re delighted to announce a series of good news – “SNEI Promotion”, IsaBody Challenge, 300BV Starter Pak extended to 26th December 2010! The extension allowed the associates to enjoy the rewards.

Friday, September 10th, 2010

『Believe & Achieve』,Experience from US San Diego Celebration

   The US Celebrations was ended with enjoyment on 24th August 2010. There were 28 associates from Asia Pacific who have been qualified by their involvement during the past 6 months. That was such a honor to join the celebration!

In the celebration, associates were able to learnt more about the Isagenix Corp’s culture, and to communicate with leaders and administration staffs of headquarter. Moreover, they have had clear vision of company’s future development path, and listen to Millionaire’s story. Also, they were filled with first-hand information of New Products, New Sales Tools reveal, and Marketing Promotions.

The celebrations was full of excitements, besides the encouraging conference, there were Executive Banquet, Shopping Tour, and San Diego SeaWorld Tour. Everyone enjoyed the tour with lovely animals in SeaWorld and shared good time together.

If you missed out the US Celebrations, then do not forget the IsaTeam GO!GO!GO!on 18 September, we will have sharing section about experience from US San Diego Celebration.

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Summer Fiesta – IsaFamily Gala

Heat waves and soaring temperature didn’t deter our associates from joining such a huge summer event! Our summer celebration IsaFamily Gala had been successfully held on 23rd July, attracted over 80 associates participated enthusiastically with their family members coming along.

The gala is started by a health talk given by registered nutritionist Mr. Samson Chim, entitled ‘Wisdom you should know about your liver’, followed by a sharing delivered by our Executive Fansy Lo and Shirley Chan. They shared with us their personal experience and testimony about how Isagenix improving their family members’ life and health, along with an introduction of our company`s event special – Snacks and Cleanse for Life.

After the sharing it was ‘The most harmonious family contest’. Five families were required to design a winning slogan and answer as much question as they could in the “Big Television” game section, with a time limit of one and a half minutes. Despite the keen competition, Tong’s family held together and made it to the top, and was awarded a 30 Day Program along with a series of IsaDermix product, valuing $3,500.

As the gala went on, we were honored to invite the General Manager Sam Yen from Isagenix Taiwan to introduce the potential business opportunities behind the new “9+30” incentive program. His personal experience shed a light on us of how to embark a successful career by seizing the golden opportunities. All in all, the gala was full of joy and memorable moments.

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Celebrate Father’s Day with IsaPaPa!!!

  Wish all of you a Happy Father’s Day! IsaPaPa special celebration had been successfully held on 19th June, attracted over 80 associates participated enthusiastically with their family members coming along.

 The celebration is started by a video sharing session, interesting yet touching clips about being a father was showed, followed by a sharing given by Grace Poon and Mishall Cheng , recommending us the best product to our beloved fathers. Two IsaPaPa –David and Carson shared their personal experience and testimony about how Isagenix improving their family members’ life and health. There were altogether three families participating the Most Photogenic Father and Son/Father and Daughter competition on that day. Congratulations to Tong’s Family who have won the Most Photogenic Father and Son/Father and Daughter Award , awarded hotel beverage coupons valued $1200 as well as a Cleansing and Fat Burning System (9-day supply) of the lucky draw!