Isagenix IsaDelight™

Indulge Yourself on Cleanse Day – or Any Day! Finally—a decadent chocolate treat that’s perfect every day— even Cleanse Days! IsaDelight™, the Happy Chocolates that Satisfy, will help you remain strong to your commitment to healthy eating.

Take one to two chocolate supplements up to twice daily, in the late morning and/or late afternoon. For optimal usage, take on an empty stomach, or at least 2 – 3 hours after eating.

You may experience:
Increased energy
Reduced cravings
Lighter mood
Greater brain and heart health
So, go ahead – indulge every day… You deserve it!

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What makes IsaDelight unique?
IsaDelight is a dietary supplement that consists of a proprietary blend of amino acids designed to help you feel good, naturally. The blend is uniquely delivered through premium dark chocolate, which is rich in cocoa and provides powerful antioxidants called flavanols.

What are the benefits of IsaDelight?
IsaDelight is packed with feel-good vitamins, minerals and a unique blend of amino acids. IsaDelight enhances the health benefits of dark chocolate and helps to lift mood*, helps to promote brain and heart health*, helps to improve energy and satisfy cravings.*

How does IsaDelight support Nutritional Cleansing?
IsaDelight has powerful nutrients and a rich taste that will help satisfy your strongest cravings and strengthen your will to cleanse. IsaDelight helps to improve energy, lift mood and reduce stubborn cravings—it is ideal for both Cleanse and Shake Days. According to, “When you eat enticing foods, such as chocolate, your body releases trace amounts of mood and satisfaction-elevating hormones... In addition, the pleasure of eating offsets negative emotions.”

When is the best time to take IsaDelight?
On Cleanse Days: take one or two IsaDelights up to twice daily, preferably in the late morning and early evening. For optimal results, take at least 15 minutes before Isagenix Snacks!®. On Shake Days, take 1–2 IsaDelights on an empty stomach or at least 2–5 hours after shakes or meals as part of your Isagenix system. Because IsaDelight helps naturally energize the body, it’s best to not take after 6 p.m. or with caffeinated drinks.

Is the dark chocolate used in IsaDelight high in quality?
The dark chocolate in IsaDelight contains more than 70 percent nonalkalized cocoa powder produced using a low-temperature process in a state-of-the art facility in the U.S. The process preserves the cocoa’s natural antioxidants. ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is the most common unit for identifying antioxidant strength. IsaDelight produces an ORAC score of more than 5,700 per two chocolates, approximately equal to one cup of raw blueberries. IsaDelight also does not contain any MSG or wax.

How is the chocolate in IsaDelight created?
The cacao bean (or cocoa bean) used for IsaDelight is 100 percent ethically traded. It’s grown on small family farms near the equator that provide workers with fair wages and humane working conditions. The growth of cacao on small family farms also promotes sustainable forest farmland growth. The cacao is sun dried at its source to ensure the highest quality of dark chocolate during the final production process.

Does IsaDelight contain any artificial sweeteners or caffeine?
IsaDelight is sweetened with only three grams of sugar to help deliver nutrients to the brain. It does not contain aspartame or any artificial sweeteners. The dark chocolate in IsaDelight does not contribute any significant amounts of caffeine. It does contain potent nutrients that support improved energy levels.

What is the correct storage temperature for IsaDelight?
IsaDelight is best when stored in a cool, dry place where temperatures are below 75 degrees. If melting or freezing occurs, the product appearance may be affected; however the active ingredients and benefits of IsaDelight will not be altered.