IsaDelight®: The World’s First and Only Super-Chocolate

Fortified with Brain-Healthy Nutrients that…

* Satisfy Your Sugar and Junk Food Cravings
* Improves Your Mood and Energy
* Helps You Lose Unwanted Pounds and Inches – Easily!

By Dr. Paul Anderson
Scientific Advisory Board Member and IsaDelight Formulator

It’s not your fault if you can’t lose that unwanted body fat. The one reason people fail to lose weight or keep it off is uncontrollable cravings for sugar and junk food – they simply can’t stop their hunger.

Satisfy Sugar and Junk Cravings – Control Your Hunger

IsaDelight’s proprietary blend of brain-healthy amino acids, vitamins and minerals helps satisfy your sugar and junk food cravings to help control hunger. Without those cravings, it’s easier to eat fewer calories, make healthier food choices and finally shed those stubborn unwanted pounds and inches.

Easy Cleanse Days

Each delicious IsaDelight helps you breeze through Cleanse Days enjoyably without cheating. By curbing cravings, the tasty dark chocolates help you control your hunger.

Boosts Your Energy without Sugar Highs and Caffeine Crashes

IsaDelight brain nutrients help boost youthful energy. There are fewer than 10 grams of naturally occurring caffeine in IsaDelight—less than what’s found in a decaffeinated cup of coffee. And each delicious piece has only 50 calories with just 4 grams of sugar—the same amount of sugar found in an eighth of an apple and a healthy low-glycemic food choice.

Gets You In The Mood
IsaDelight feeds your starving brain the right amino acids, vitamins and minerals it needs to pump out more of your feel-good chemicals and put you in a good mood.

Aside from simply helping you “feel good”, the properties of dark chocolate and added nutrients in IsaDelight may also contribute to improved libido and sexual energy.

May Boost Brain Power and Mental Focus

IsaDelight’s ingredients—primarily the natural antioxidant flavonoids found naturally in chocolate—are believed to help protect the brain and may even help improve mental function by promoting blood flow.

What’s in IsaDelight?

• Brain-Healthy Amino Acids, Vitamins & Minerals

Essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals support the brain’s production of feel-good chemicals to satisfy cravings, support good moods and boost natural energy.

• Antioxidant-Rich Cocoa

The mouth watering chocolate is packed with ultra-powerful antioxidant flavonoids. These can help keep your cells young and health by slowing free radical damage on cell membranes and DNA. The cocoa in IsaDelight boasts a remarkable 5,700 ORAC score per 22-gram serving! That’s the same amount of anti-oxidants found in one cup of blueberries.

• All-Natural 70% Dark Chocolate

IsaDelight’s brain-healthy nutrients are in all-natural 70% dark chocolate from ethically traded farms. No trans fats. No artificial colors or flavors.

• Lose Weight, Feel Great and Get healthy

Adding IsaDelight dark chocolates into your Isagenix lifestyle are delicious, helps satisfy your cravings, helps put you into a more positive mood and helps you lose unwanted pounds and inches.

IsaDelight Love Stories

“I used to crave sugar and fatty foods throughout the day, but 4 p.m. was the worst. Since I started enjoying IsaDelight in the afternoon, my cravings are gone and I feel great.”

-Bea S.
Mill Valley, California

“I haven’t felt this good in 20 years. After two IsaDelights, my whole body relaxes and my mood mellows right out. I loved this chocolate so much I gave it to all my office staff. This is the happiest medical office in town!”

-Dr. Robert B., M.D.
Stuart, Florida

“I work 12-hour rotating shifts that often leave me wondering if it’s day or night. [I’m left] feeling terrible. After taking the IsaDelight a couple of times a day, my mood and energy are at an all-time high and I feel great. I remember the last time I felt this good was when I was 18 years old ( I’m 45). Thanks, IsaDelight!!!”

-Andrew P.
Toronto, Canada

“I don’t know how I got through the day before IsaDelight. I used to get hungry and tired especially around 4 pm. Two of those happy chocolates stops my food cravings and boosts my energy. I’ve also dropped down one dress size!”

-Dr. Suzanne H., DC
Sonoma, California

“One IsaDelight and I’m not hungry for 4 hours—no more cravings! It’s so easy to control my hunger even on Cleanse Days.”

-Burcay O.
Manhattan, New York

“I am a self-confessed chocoholic. Give me a box of chocolate and I’ll struggle not to eat the whole thing. IsaDelight is different. No more bingeing. One dark chocolate satisfies me. Love those IsaDelight!”

-Isagenix® Co-Founder Kathy Coover
Phoenix, Arizona

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