Isagenix Kosher IsaLean® Shake – Natural Creamy Vanilla

Kosher IsaLean® Shake – Natural Creamy Vanilla A deliciously complete meal replacement, Kosher IsaLean Shake contains 23 grams of the highest quality New Zealand whey and casein protein from grass-fed cows with no added hormones or antibiotics, as well as filling fiber, calcium and vitamins to support your body’s vital functions. IsaLean Shakes may help you slim down, while preserving and building lean muscle mass.* Designated Kosher by a leading Kosher certification agency in the U.S., the KOF-K boasts a network of regional coordinators and Rabbinic representatives, all of whom are strictly Orthodox in their personal practice and synagogue affiliation.

May support your body in burning fat*
May support increased energy*
Highest quality of amino acids
Exclusive source of whey and casein protein
Supports digestive health*
Low lactose
Zero trans fats
No artificial flavors

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