John Anderson’s Seven Tips for Healthy Aging

By Isagenix Nutritional Sciences

Living well into old age depends on healthy habits.With recent news of preliminary data that U.S. life expectancy is down for the first time since 2004 — dropping to age 77.8 overall – there is yet more talk about what people can really do for themselves to live successfully into old age. 

Successful aging  is crucial, now more than ever, considering the drastic rise in an aging population that scientists have said may soon cause a ”global aging crisis” bringing with it enormous challenges to countries worldwide. 

To seek wisdom on the subject of aging, we turned to our own Isagenix Founder John Anderson, who has dedicated himself to researching the topic. We asked him what he considered as the best advice to give people for the sake of healthy aging. 

“In today’s toxic world, we need all the help we can get to protect ourselves against foreign invaders entering our bodies every second of every day,” he said. “We age from the time we are conceived until the time we die. Most people have accepted this as being normal and do nothing because they feel like the battle has been lost.”    

According to Anderson, however, it is indeed possible to fight aging with simple (yet complex), proven ways to help us to achieve healthy, long lives. We’ll be addressing several of the tips he shared in-depth in future blog posts. But for now, we though we’d share his own words with you.

These are John Anderson’s Seven Tips For Healthy Aging:

 1.       Choose healthy foods that are dense in nutrients.

2.      Cleanse daily using botanicals and ingredients shown to assist in the removal of toxins.

3.      Exercise daily.

4.      Practice healthy sleep habits.

5.      Reduce stress–this is not easy sometimes, but finding ways to solve the cause of stress in your life is absolutely necessary.

6.      Take antioxidants, omega-3s, vitamins, minerals, and other quality nutrients that fight aging and support your body. There is nothing better than the convenient packets of Ageless Essentials Daily Pack. The pack supplies AM and PM packets that do all the shopping for you offering up convenience. Can you imagine shopping for all the nutrients contained in these packets at the health food store? You would end up with 40 bottles of supplements, the wrong balance, and who knows what the quality is like for each of them?

7.      Add at least 1 to 2 IsaLean Shake servings to your regimen daily (to replace meals) because it’s proven that nutrient density and low caloric intake is helpful in slowing aging and ensuring proper weight control.