Win BIG prizes in LIVE YOUR DREAMS CHALLENGE by crossing off items on your bucket list!

What’s a “bucket list?” A list of things you’ve decided you MUST do in this lifetime…like this:
Run 26-mile marathon in Hawaii
Fit into that little black dress
Play golf at Pebble Beach
Achieve 5-Star Golden Circle by July
Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Dreams really do come true

We receive e-mails from people all over the globe telling us that using our products enabled them to achieve their dreams.  They feel better, look better and then, have the health, energy and confidence to go after their bucket list and accomplish their dreams.  We’re always truly touched to hear we’ve helped so many people in so many ways…we got to thinking…and here’s what we’re doing to further your dreams:

Only dream seekers need apply

We’ve just launched the Isagenix LIVE YOUR DREAMS CHALLENGE to recognize and reward you with BIG prizes:

How would you like to win travel, hotel and tickets for two to 2011 Celebration, August 14-16, in sunny San Diego, Calif? In addition to taking part in our annual extravaganza, you and your guest will be treated to a real So-Cal inspired day of adventure worth $3,500!

Or how does a one-on-one life-training session with world-renowned author Jack Canfield (co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul), PLUS an iPad loaded with Isagenix product information and business building tools sound?

You could even get your annual health club membership paid in full, PLUS an iPad.

Participating is easy and fun!

  1. Tell us your dreams—by March 1, 2011—by sending us a short essay and “before” picture. Send all parts to and title it “Live Your Dreams Challenge.”
  2. Set out to make your dreams come true with the help of Isagenix products—you’ll need two 200 BV My Paks,” which can be customized to fit your needs with the help of Isagenix Health Assessment Questionnaire.
  3. Share your success with us 60 days later (with a short essay and an “after” photo).

Want an example? Here’s one Associate’s reflection on how the Rejuvity™ Joint and Pain Relief System impacted their life and “bucket list”:

“The Joint and Pain Relief System gave me the long and short term relief that I need. Now, I plan to train for that 100-mile bike ride in Hawaii that I have always wanted to do. The world is my oyster!”
-Angela S.

Reclaim your youthful vitality and experience your total power. Entries are due by March 1, 2011, so get started now! We’ll announce winners 30 days prior to 2011 “Igniting Your Future”  Celebration.

Check out the Live Your Dreams Challenge Flyer for more details and to get started today.