Live Your Dreams Challenge Winners Announced

Our Live Your Dreams Challenge resulted in so many powerful, inspirational stories of Associates going after the dreams listed off on their “bucket lists.” After careful consideration, the Isagenix Executive Team has picked three stellar stories to receive incredible prizes including a trip to San Diego, Calif. August 13-16 to attend “Ignite Your Future” Celebration and a So-Cal day of adventure!

Without further ado, the winners are….

Hassison beforeFirst Place Winner (Trip to Celebration, 1-day So-Cal day of adventure)

Nick Harrison, British Columbia

A stuntman by trade for much of his professional life, Nick always knew that there was a potential for serious injury. Three years ago, his luck ran out. During a third attempt at an 18-foot fall onto a crash pad, Nick slipped off the pad and down an imbankment in the remote location. His foot lodged in two feet of mud and ankle twisted 180 degrees, the pain was excrutiating and he wasn’t able to receive medical attention for two hours.

The fall out from the unfortunate accident was no less excrutiating. No longer able to perform Japanese martial arts, particularly Kendo, or even carry his children, Nick fell into a deep depression and relied on ankle braces to get around. With the Live Your Dreams Challenge, Nick set out to change it all.

“I started this contest with an element of disbelief — how can you really change your life so much in 60 days?” Nick shares in his final essay. “In my case, I never thought I would be able to do the things I used to take for granted. Boy was I wrong!”

Harrison afterAfter taking Ageless Joint Support™ faithfully along with Ageless Pain Relief™ Cream, things started to turn around. Each day, he began feeling better and better and soon, he was keeping up with his kids again. The happiness began to creep back into his life, too.

The clincher? Nick is back in Kendo classes and even keeping up with the rest of the students, even after a 12-year hiatus due to work and his injury.

“I may have made a bucket list (and seen some of these things through), but the main thing and the only thing that matters is that I’m falling in love with my family even more,” writes Nick. “It’s all because I was able to get back to the part of me that I thought had died with that accident. I’m a new man, a stronger father and a better husband.”

Second Place Winner (1 on 1 training sessions with a Jack Canfield-certified coach & iPad2 valued at $4,000 total)

DeMarco Deciccio, Texas

DeMarco and Jason are former band-mates who found Isagenix while touring a year ago and rediscovered youthful energy like never before. Inspired by Jason’s past experience that included being homeless and hungry in Houston, Texas, the duo created a drop-in center in Texas called “The Safe Spot” to serve underprivileged youth in the same area. They knew they wanted to include high-quality nutritional options in the facility, so they reached out to top Isagenix Leader Jana S. who donated over 500 canisters of IsaLean® Shake for the project.

With a goal to also work on their Isagenix businesses while assisting the 13- to 24-year-olds, deMarco was able to maintain his paid-as Executive status. And, while serving the youth was not always an easy task, deMarco says they are dedicated to the population.

“It would have been easy to give up on these youth like everyone else does, but one of the biggest things we’ve learned in growing our Isagenix business is that ‘winners never quit and quitters never win,’” shares deMarco. “We are in it for the long run and are committed to feeding Houston the best food on the planet, one homeless young adult at a time.”

before pictureThird-Place Winner (iPad 2 & Gym Membership)

Dywayne Hemmings, Alberta
Dywayne felt stuck in a box of monotony. He was used to watching his wife and two daughters dream big. With dream boards posted throughout the house and conversations filled with aspirations, he sometimes felt like the odd man out. And, it was turning into a tense situation filled with a bit of resentment.

“My wife has been patient and understanding up until now, but she’s getting very frustrated,” writes Dywayne in his entry. “I don’t blame her. All she wants me to do is have a plan, a plan for us to be better, actually a plan for me to be better so we could be better. She’s been asking for months now and I still don’t have one.”

With that in mind, Dywayne set off to create a plan that included showing his love for his family more, taking better care of himself by taking his supplements, reserving lunchtimes for his wife,  assist his wife with paperwork every afternoon and dedicating his time every evening to pouring into his family.

after pictureHis wife Barbilee reports that the change has been dramatic and her family is becoming whole again.

“Dywayne has begun to live his dreams. He started 60 days ago as a man without a purpose with no vision and no dreams,” writes his wife in the final essay. “Today, with your encouragement, my husband is a man who is looking forward, who is thinking about what he wants, who is taking action on even the littlest things. Day by day my husband is showing his family he loves us enough to put himself first. My husband has not only come out of his box, but he has burned it so he can never go back.”

Watch for more of their stories to come at 2011 “Ignite Your Future” Celebration!