March into Nutrition Month with Isagenix

The theme for March 2011 National Nutrition Month is "Eat Right with Color."By Isagenix Nutritional Sciences

How to eat right is a big question with big problems. If you live in North America and are not overweight or obese, then you are in the minority. It is just too easy to overeat with access to thousands of foods laden with calories that tempt you to eat day and night; and we all know how easy it is to avoid exercise. 

This Month, start your road to recovery and “Eat Right with Color”—the theme of the American Dietetic Association’s National Nutrition Month®. The National Nutrition Month began in the 1980s and grew with a more health-conscious American public. Intended to promote good dietary habits and provide research-based nutritional information, this month is at the forefront of easy, everyday solutions to eating.

Eat Right with Color is a campaign that emphasizes whole foods and diets higher in fruits and vegetables. Eating good sources of low-fat dairy, getting adequate amounts of calcium, choosing lean sources of protein and staying away from saturated and trans fats are all-encompassed in this color-based campaign.

Typical diets are high in fat, sodium and devoid of fruits and vegetables. With bad foods and too little exercise, we encounter the problem: the ease of gaining fat just doesn’t compare to the difficulty of working it off. The slow gain is the killer—most people gaining 1 or 2 pounds around Thanksgiving and Christmas and then never lose it.

This gradual accumulation of fat year after year and gradual loss of muscle masks a common syndrome called sarcopenia. In addition to the fat gains, their location matters! Belly fat actually turns on specific hormones that create pro-inflammatory molecules called cytokines. Together, extra fat and muscle loss creates an environment that is inflammatory, which puts us at risk for chronic diseases.

Can we overcome this duo of doom? Indeed.

You can lose weight and you can keep it off.  You don’t need will power, you just need skill power. Isagenix can help guide you to change some of your habits and exchange them for healthier habits. 

In honor of this nutrition month, here’s a dietary tip to keep you on track! Begin with consuming an IsaLean® Shake for breakfast. This high-protein shake helps you build muscle during the day, keeps you satiated (feeling fuller) much longer than a cereal based breakfast (protein is more able to satisfy you than either carbohydrate or fat). To add to the satiating power of protein, try adding fiber to the shake with Isagenix FiberPro or by having an Oatmeal Berry SlimCake® (5 grams of fiber).

You should be set until lunch. If you need more calories (men typically do need more calories than women),  then you can add a scoop of IsaPro® whey protein to boost the protein power and decrease hunger. You can add a snack between breakfast and lunch to keep you going (chomp on some almonds, walnuts or our Snacks).

Stay tuned for more healthy suggestions for weight management success in March!